Sing, dance, or study urban ecology. At MMC, you can do it all.

Don’t just learn how the body moves — learn how the body works. Take a class in theatrical dialects — then learn about the development of language. At MMC, you don’t have to study just one thing. Our students learn to think and thrive creatively and scientifically.


Spotlight Program

With MMC’s concentration in Fashion Marketing, students can study the fashion industry in its native environment with all the resources and support that MMC provides.

Don’t just study in New York. Leave your mark on it.

Entire careers are spent jockeying for a position at a global corporation on Wall Street. At Marymount Manhattan, we can make it happen – before graduation. 


“I interned at Columbia Records in their strategic marketing department and found a true passion for brand partnerships there. A week before graduating, I landed my current job at Epic Records as a marketing coordinator.”

Maria Gracia ’14, Department of Communication Arts

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A place where I can cultivate my