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Be it the artistic director of the longest-running classical theater in midtown, the creator of an educational animated series concerning disabilities, or an interdisciplinary artist showcasing work throughout the city, MMC faculty are some of NYC’s most accomplished professionals. 

“The small class sizes allowed me to know my professors as people, not just educators, so much so that one interviewer commented that my letter of recommendation was one of the best they’ve ever read.”
Olympia Gaglioti, Class of 2012

Be creative. Be extraordinary. Stand up. Speak out. 

The MMC classroom experience is just as much about developing your voice as it is about solving that equation or citing famous English playwrights. Be your own best self. You have a lot to say, and we want to hear every word.

Top Story
This January, ten students traveled to DC for a “vacation of volunteering.” Instead of taking a break, they used their downtime to volunteer and feed the homeless.

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