Board of Trustees


  • Michael J. Materasso P’14
    Michael J. Materasso P’14 Chairperson

    Senior Vice President 

    Franklin Templeton Fixed Income

    Franklin Resources, Inc.

  • Judith L. Robinson ’90
    Judith L. Robinson ’90 Secretary
  • Kerry Walk, Ph.D.
    Kerry Walk, Ph.D. MMC President


  • Patricia A. Agnello ’83
    Patricia A. Agnello ’83

    Chief Human Resources Officer & Employment Counsel
    Insight Portfolio Group LLC

  • Linda Basilice-Hoerrner ’71
    Linda Basilice-Hoerrner ’71

    Associate Broker, CNE, CBR
    Stribling & Associates

  • Carol Berman ’13
    Carol Berman ’13
  • Jill Bright ’83
    Jill Bright ’83

    Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Administration


  • Valerie A. Brown P’17
    Valerie A. Brown P’17

    Executive Director

    Big Brother Big Sister of Family Services of Westchester

  • Helen Demetrios ’73
    Helen Demetrios ’73
  • Abby C. Fiorella ’83
    Abby C. Fiorella ’83

    Group Executive, General Auditor

  • Susan Gardella, RSHM ’79
    Susan Gardella, RSHM ’79

    Executive Director
    RSHM LIFE Center

  • Maureen C. Grant, Ph.D. ’60
    Maureen C. Grant, Ph.D. ’60
  • John H. Hunt
    John H. Hunt

    Principal & Founder
    JHH Investment Advisors

  • Hope D. Knight ’85
    Hope D. Knight ’85

    President & CEO
    Greater Jamaica Development Corporation

  • Paul C. Lowerre ’81
    Paul C. Lowerre ’81

    Senior Vice President - Wealth Management

    UBS Financial Services, Inc.

  • Barbara Lynch Loughlin ’70
    Barbara Lynch Loughlin ’70

    Educational Consultant

  • Catherine M. Patten, RSHM, Ph.D.
    Catherine M. Patten, RSHM, Ph.D.

    Provincial, Eastern American Province
    Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

  • Michael G. Stewart, MD, MPH
    Michael G. Stewart, MD, MPH

    Professor & Chairman
    Department of Otolaryngology
    Weill Cornell Medical College

  • Cecilia Tudela-Montero ’90, P’13
    Cecilia Tudela-Montero ’90, P’13

    Child & Family Psychotherapist

  • Edward Van Saders ’95
    Edward Van Saders ’95

    Chief Strategy Officer
    Regional News Network

  • Catherine Vincie, RSHM, Ph.D. ’73
    Catherine Vincie, RSHM, Ph.D. ’73

    Provincial Councilor
    Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
    Eastern American Province

  • Lucille Zanghi P’11
    Lucille Zanghi P’11