Marymount Manhattan

A Liberal Arts Foundation

It’s not just what you learn. It’s how you learn.

Real learning happens when you venture beyond your comfort zone. A liberal arts education at MMC means taking courses outside of your area of focus, across a wide range of disciplines—from philosophy to physics, politics to literature, art to business.

It also means learning beyond the classroom. Spend a day at the Met (students get discounts!) or a semester at the Sorbonne. Volunteer for a youth organization in Brooklyn or intern at NBC. The people and perspectives you’ll encounter will be as enlightening as any lecture you’ll attend. 

We expose you to new ideas and experiences, and ask you to reflect on them and respond in classroom conversation, in creative projects, and in writing. As you get better at refining and expressing your thoughts, you’ll also start finding new connections between different disciplines and issues, in the classroom and in life. You begin to see the fine art of business management, the exquisite design of the mind and body, and the politics of language.

The liberal arts will teach you to read between the lines and to appreciate the value of listening, contributing, and lifelong learning. You can go anywhere with an MMC degree.