Marymount Manhattan


Teachers, performers, artists, scientists, professionals, mentors, and scholars—our faculty make MMC great.

Our professors guide students in the studio, mentor them in research, help them land amazing internships, and prepare them for graduate study and careers. They are as accomplished in their own careers as they are in the classroom, performing, presenting, and publishing their own work regularly.

Faculty Spotlight

  • Manolo Guzmán-Estavillo

    With the assistance of a cherished group of students, esteemed colleagues, art teachers, and a camera Manolo has begun the arduous process of learning how to tell stories with the right side of his brain.  In close collaboration with those groups of which he is a member, he now wants to tell stories that matter and, unlike the words lost in journals and the like, stories that are paid attention to, for as Roland Barthes famously argued “when I speak for nothing it is as if I were dying.” 


  • Cheryl Paradis

    Cheryl Paradis earned her Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University. She teaches courses in General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Community Psychology, and Forensic Psychology. She has approximately twenty years’ experience evaluating and treating individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses in inpatient hospital settings. She is trained in cognitive behavioral treatment and has worked with individuals with anxiety disorders in outpatient settings. She is also trained in psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological testing. She has evaluated individuals with brain damage and dysfunction in psychiatric, medical, and forensic settings. She has conducted research in the areas of brain damage, cross-cultural issues and forensic psychology and published in journals such as Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry, Journal of Anxiety Disorders and Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. She has also co-authored chapters on the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders.

  • Edrex Fontanilla

    Professor Edrex Fontanilla is a new media artist whose creative practice fuses sculptural and computational methods to explore perception, materiality, and temporality.  He researches how the study of human psychology and cognition can inform approaches in experimental media.    With an orientation towards socially responsible expression, Fontanilla is committed to a reflective teaching practice that enables young minds to develop their voice.

    Fontanilla completed his M.F.A. in Literary Arts, M.A. in Computer Music, and B.A. in Visual Arts with Honors at Brown University.  He has exhibited his creative work in a number of venues including Boston CyberArts, SIGGRAPH, and the Tampa Museum of Art.  He recently participated in the Al-Saad Foundation’s “Social Life of Dignity” Symposium in Kuwait, and is an invited artist in the upcoming TechFest 2014 exhibition in India.