Your CityEdge

Your career begins on day one at Marymount Manhattan College. 


At MMC, “college” and “career” go hand in hand. Our location on New York’s Upper East Side means that you’re never more than a few steps or subway stops from Wall Street, Broadway, Museum Mile, the United Nations, major TV networks, and everything else the city has to offer.

CityEdge is a shared set of concentrated experiences for all MMC students that provide expanded opportunities for career exploration and readiness while deepening their immersion in NYC—the global capital in such industries as the arts, media, commerce, finance, fashion, research, technology, and education.  Components include:

  • The New York City Seminars—This special seminar for first-year students is your first taste of education in a city rich with professional opportunities. You’ll join classmates from your major in a small, experiential class that immerses you into the city. Recent course titles include Business in NYC, New York’s Literary Women, The Galleries of New York, New York’s Artists, and Social Change in the City.
  • College Success Workshops—This series of workshops offered in conjunction with the New York City Seminar include, among other topics, two with a career focus: Show Me Your True Colors: Understanding Yourself and Making Career Connections: From Resumés to Interviews. The first career-focused workshop helps you reflect on your values, interests, and ideal work environment. The second helps prepare you to take full advantage of the fall semester Career Fair by providing guidance and practice interacting with potential employers.

  • CareerLabThis online interactive workshop facilitates first-year students’ exploration of the transition from college student to career professional. In this workshop, you are introduced to foundational concepts in career development and planning through self-assessment, personal branding, and guided experiences with professionals in NYC. For more information or to signup for CareerLab, please email

  • Signature CityEdge Courses—In your sophomore, junior, and senior years, you’ll have numerous opportunities to take courses that tap into the City rich mosaic for immersive experiential learning. You will experience first-hand how their studies directly relate to the countless professional opportunities that await you.  

  • Field Experiences—These include internships, research opportunities, community engagement, and other pre-professional activities, which give you practical experience in the professional world, supported by faculty and staff as your guides.

  • CityEdge Mentoring—Successful professionals from across the workplace spectrum serve as mentors to students. CityEdge Mentors provide invaluable guidance, workplace visits, job shadowing, and professional networking opportunities.

  • Advisory Boards—Each academic department sponsors an Advisory Board composed of successful professionals with relevant knowledge, expertise, and experience. Advisory Board members offer input on the department’s academic offerings and review student learning outcomes from the perspective of the professional world. Members may also assist with job shadowing, resumé building, practice interviews, internship placement, and job openings.

  • Career Services—CityEdge programs and initiatives are supported by Career Services, which offers a phased approach to career readiness in which students discover possible career interests, acquire the tools needed to secure employment, test their desired pathways, and successfully navigate the job market. 

Curious to learn more? Reach out to Career Services.

CityEdge is everything that makes us Marymount Manhattan. It’s the edge you get from attending the best small college in the greatest city in the world.