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Be bold. Be different. In other words, be yourself. While your academic performance is important, we consider all of your strengths. So tell us everything. We’re listening.

Whether you’re in high school, hoping to transfer, or an international student, we can guide and support you throughout the application process. 

We also welcome non-matriculating students to complete pre-requisites for graduate school or to take courses just for the sake of learning. If you were a good high school student, but had a difficult first semester at college, learn about our reStart program. And summer visiting students may enroll in courses while on break to transfer back to their home institution.

Get a head start and take courses at MMC in your junior or senior year of high school

We offer rolling admissions, and we’re ready when you are. 

  • If I am admitted to the college academically, but denied by the theatre or dance program based on my audition, can I still attend MMC?

    Yes, these admission decisions are completely independent of each other. Students are evaluated based on their academic record for admission to the College in general and then evaluated for their entrance into the performing arts programs. If you are admitted academically, we welcome students who declare a major other than Theatre or Dance and pursue that program. Many use the advantage of studying in New York City to participate in the arts in the community if not possible on campus. While some students have hopes to re-audition in their first year at the College, admission to the program is extremely unlikely. For that reason, we stress the importance of having a true desire in an alternate major when making the decision to enroll after being denied by these competitive performance programs. 

  • How many months are we in school and when do we break for holidays?

    The college operates on a semester basis with fall semester running from September to mid-December and Spring running from late-January to mid-May. There is a January intersession and two summer sessions offered. To see the academic calendar for holidays and other important dates, visit Academic Calendar.

  • Will I fit in?

    MMC is a very diverse student body with students from many different ethnic backgrounds, parts of the country and world, religions, lifestyles, and interests. The College is a microcosm of New York City itself as we embrace diversity in every way. In addition, our students tend to be very independent, driven, curious, civically and socially concerned, and especially creative. We do not have a traditional campus as we are located on the bustling island of Manhattan, so we are not for everyone. But, for a small group of students, we are a perfect fit. For more information about our students and atmosphere, learn about our Campus Community & OrganizationsReligious & Spiritual SupportCampus Climate Index, and What’s Happening at MMC

  • What do I do if I am denied to MMC, but want to be considered again?

    The College renders admission decisions based on all information submitted and decisions are most always final. We do allow students the opportunity to appeal the decision by writing a letter to the Dean of Admission explaining why they should be reconsidered. This letter must be accompanied with additional documentation that was not available at the time of our initial evaluation. This could include additional grades or SAT/ACT scores, a recommendation or letter from an academic officer or teacher explain your circumstances in greater detail, or something that you have accomplished since the decision that could support your success at MMC. Keep in mind that the majority of appeals are not approved, but we offer this option in case we missed something very compelling. Another path to enroll is to enroll in classes in a local community college or other college in which you have been accepted and transfer to MMC in the Spring or following Fall semester. We accept many transfer students each term and look at your college work primarily at that point. If your test scores were low or your high school GPA was not all that it could have been, this is a great option to show you can be successful at the college level. If you are already in college, we recommend that you continue your coursework at your current college and transfer when your GPA is a bit higher. 

  • What are the application deadlines and how long does it take to get a decision?

    Admission to MMC is on a rolling basis which means that there is not a set deadline to submit your application. We do encourage you to apply early or before the end of your Fall semester in high school. Transfer students should apply as soon as they begin their final semester in their previous college. Once all required documents are received, it will take 2-3 weeks to receive your decision or a request for additional information. 

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