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Be bold. Be different. In other words, be yourself. While your academic performance is important, we consider all of your strengths. So tell us everything. We’re listening.

Whether you’re in high school, hoping to transfer, or an international student, we can guide and support you throughout the application process. 

We also welcome non-matriculating students to complete pre-requisites for graduate school or to take courses just for the sake of learning. If you were a good high school student, but had a difficult first semester at college, learn about our reStart program. And summer visiting students may enroll in courses while on break to transfer back to their home institution.

Get a head start and take courses at MMC in your junior or senior year of high school

We offer rolling admissions, and we’re ready when you are. 

  • What are the minimum requirements to be admitted?

    MMC does not have a stated minimum as we have a holistic review process. This means that we will look at many factors for admission, such as GPA and level of courses you have taken, SAT/ACT, recommendation letters, how well you write based on the writing section on the SAT/ACT test scores and/or your essay, and overall interest in MMC.


  • Is the campus safe?

    The College is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the 55th Street Residence Hall is in Mid-town, both very safe and populated areas. At Marymount Manhattan College, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and guests are of primary importance. We employ a substantial, well-equipped, full-time staff of security officers, all licensed by the State of New York. Our security staff is on-duty 24 hours each day, seven days per week. Visitors to the College and its residence facilities will notice security personnel stationed at all main entrances. Our security administrators have developed a close working relationship with the 17th and 19th Precincts of the New York City Police Department. With that said, we realize that this is a major metropolitan area and take time to orient our students with ways to be “street smart” and always be prepared in any situation. Our safety record is very good and we invite you to review our Campus Security Report and our Crime Statistics

  • How do I get from campus to the residence hall?

    The 55th Street Residence Hall is located 16 blocks south and on the same block of the College. Most students walk as it is about a 15 minute walk directly up 2nd or 3rd Avenues. It would be similar to a large college campus where you might walk through campus the same distance, but remember NYC is our campus although the walk is a bit more exciting. When it does rain or snow or if it is later in the evening, students have the option of taking the bus which picks up a half a block from campus and drops of a half a block from the residence hall. The subway is also an option, but takes a bit longer as the station is 4 blocks from the campus and 2 blocks from the residence hall. For either transit option, students will need to purchase a MTA Metro Card.

  • How can I afford to go to a private school in Manhattan?

    MMC offers many ways to finance your education by offering merit, talent, and need based scholarships from the College. NY State residents may qualify for state aid and US residents may qualify for federal grants, loans, and work study. We do offer a very limited pool of funds for international students, but most of their cost will be their own responsibility as they are not eligible for need-based aid. 85% of our student body receives some form of financial assistance. You can begin to explore you options by completing the Net Price Calculator for First Year Students or for Transfer Students to get an estimate of what you might receive if admitted to MMC or visit Financial Aid.

  • If I am admitted to the college academically, but denied by the theatre or dance program based on my audition, can I still attend MMC?

    Yes, these admission decisions are completely independent of each other. Students are evaluated based on their academic record for admission to the College in general and then evaluated for their entrance into the performing arts programs. If you are admitted academically, we welcome students who declare a major other than Theatre or Dance and pursue that program. Many use the advantage of studying in New York City to participate in the arts in the community if not possible on campus. While some students have hopes to re-audition in their first year at the College, admission to the program is extremely unlikely. For that reason, we stress the importance of having a true desire in an alternate major when making the decision to enroll after being denied by these competitive performance programs. 

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