Special Program Requirements

Interested in the Academic Access or the Higher Education Opportunity Program? Or perhaps you want to join one of our renowned fine and performing arts departments. There are a few more steps to take.   

Fine and Performing Arts

The fine and performing arts programs do require additional steps, but are not part of the academic admission decision. You can apply to the Office of Admission and receive a decision prior to your art portfolio review or audition/interview. Students admitted to the College academically, but not admitted to the major may still attend MMC and choose another major.   


Admission to the Art program in Studio Art, Photography, or Graphic Design requires an art portfolio to be considered for the program. You are required to submit a portfolio of 12-15 examples of your best artwork. It should demonstrate a variety of media and skills or if preferred, a cohesive body of work. A list of the titles and media for each image should be included. An artist statement or statement of your artistic aspirations is optional. Students who do not have a portfolio at the time of application will be considered provisional art majors and a faculty advisor will evaluate your work after the first semester. Additionally, portfolios will be reviewed for Art Scholarship consideration if submitted by the deadline of February 15 (summer or fall entry)/November 15 (spring entry). If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Avola, Assistant Director of Fine and Performing Arts Admission.

Art History applicants are not required to submit a portfolio, but may submit a 5-7 page research paper on either a specific artist or artistic movement for consideration of an Art scholarship. This may submitted to the Office of Admission via email. Please make reference in the subject line and on paper that this submission is for consideration for the Art History Scholarship. The deadline to submit your paper is February 15 (summer or fall entry)/November 15 (spring entry).


Dance admission requires an audition to be considered for the program. Applicants should carefully review the audition process. Students must submit a 5”x7” photo of themselves in tendu a la seconde or first arabesque en l’air, as well as a completed Dance Application. The department will contact select students to schedule an audition. Contact the Dance Department at 212-517-0610 or at dance@mmm.edu with any questions.

Theatre Arts & Acting

These programs require an audition for consideration for admission. Review the audition process and complete the Online Interview/Audition Form as early as possible to schedule an audition. December 1 is the recommended priority deadline, but we will continue to accept audition requests throughout the winter. If an audition date is full, we will place your name on a wait list or may you may request an alternate date. Contact the Theatre Department at 212-774-0767 or at theatre@mmm.edu with any questions.

Biology & Biomedical Sciences

These majors require a second review of your academic record by the faculty in the Natural Sciences Department. They will review your SAT or ACT scores (if required), high school or college transcript, and overall academic record to determine your decision to the program. While you might meet the requirements to be admitted to MMC in general, admission to these programs have different requirements. If you are admitted to MMC, but are not eligible to enter the Biology or Biomedical Sciences major immediately, your acceptance letter will explain your options. It is possible to begin at MMC as a Biology/Biomedical Sciences  Candidate and declare the major once you have completed the pre-requisites.     

Program for Academic Access

Students with a documented learning disability can apply by completing the Academic Access Application and submitting specific documentation by the priority deadline of March 1. You must be admitted to MMC prior to being considered for this program. Learn more about the application process and services.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

HEOP requires both the educational and economic guidelines established by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to be met for admission to the program. The HEOP Office at MMC receives many applications each year for a small number of spaces. First year applicants are only considered for the fall semester and transfer applicants are only considered for the Spring semester. Contact the HEOP Admission Coordinator to discuss the program and the application process.

College Honors Program (CHP)

To qualify for the CHP, incoming first-year students should have maintained at least a 3.5 GPA in high school and a SAT I scores of 600 on both the Math and Critical Reading sections or a composite score of a 26 on the ACT. 

Transfer students entering MMC with 15 or fewer college credits and a minimum GPA of 3.65 qualify for admission to the CHP. Transfer students with up to 60 credits and a minimum GPA of 3.65 may qualify at the time of admission based on previous honors coursework. Up to two honors-level courses completed at the previous college may be considered toward CHP credits. International students that do not take the SAT or ACT can request consideration and a special review of other factors.

There is no separate application for CHP, we evaluate you at the time of your overall application review. Please contact Professor Adrienne Baxter Bell, Director of the College Honors Program with any questions about the program.