Transfer Student Class Profile

We welcome transfer students to our campus each fall and spring semester. 


Total Undergraduates: Approximately 2,000

Applications: 450

Admitted: 375

Enrolled: 200

Overall Acceptance Rate: 83%

Performing Arts Audition Admit Rate: 33% 


Average College GPA: 3.2

Two transfers have been selected as Boren Scholars, two have been awarded the Jeanette Watson Fellowship, and one transfer student has been the recipient of a Fulbright Award.


Transfer Students Living in College Housing: 55%

Students of Color: 34%

Gender Ratio: 30% Men/70% Women

Geographic Representation

MMC enrolls students, from 48 states and 61 countries.

In-State: 30% (of which 20% NYC)

Tri-state Area (NY, NJ, CT): 49%

International: 6%