Future Students

Art MAjor

Admission to the Art program in Studio Art, Photography, Illustration & Animation, or Graphic Design requires an art portfolio review in order to be considered for the program and any Art Awards. The deadline to submit a portfolio for scholarship/award consideration is February 15 (fall entry)/November 15 (spring entry), but we will still accept portfolios after that date. Students who do not have a portfolio at the time of application will be considered conditional Art majors and their work will be evaluated after the first semester by their faculty advisor.

The portfolio must contain 12-15 images along with a separate image identification sheet with information on size and medium. The portfolio should consist of the student’s best work, demonstrate a variety of media and skills or if preferred, in photography for example, a cohesive body of work. One of the images should be a self-portrait, in any medium. An artist statement or statement of your artistic aspirations is encouraged but is optional.  

Applicants must submit their portfolios digitally through their Admissions Portal, which they will have access to once they have applied to the college. Login information to sign into ones Admissions Portal will be emailed to them within 24 hours of submitting their application.


Art History Major

Admission into the Art History major does not require a portfolio review, however, if an applicant would like to be considered for an Art History Award as part of their financial aid package, applicants may submit a 5-7 page research paper on either a specific artist or artistic movement for consideration of an Art Award. This may be submitted via their Admissions Portal. The deadline to submit an essay for scholarship consideration is February 15 (summer or fall entry)/November 15 (spring entry). 



Prospective Art & Art History students who are HEOP applicants are encouraged to apply to the HEOP program by December 15th and submit their Art portfolio as early as possible.  For more information on the HEOP program, please refer to the HEOP page or contact Keith Windsor at 

 If you have any questions about the Department of Art and Art History or would like to schedule a class visit, please contact Kevin Kemler at 212-517-0514 or email him at 

You may also contact us at  We look forward to speaking with you!