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B.A. in Business

Our BA in Business is a one-of-a-kind program designed especially for students with an interest in combining art, design, performance, fashion, or social good with business-savvy.  

We offer a highly customizable and pragmatic business education and with five unique concentrations that prepare students for a variety of careers, from theatre and nonprofit administration to marketing management and human resources.

Through interdisciplinary coursework, engaging, and independent and collaborative projects, you will develop the skills and experience to join the ranks of our alumni at companies like HBO, Foxwoods Theatre, Atlantic Records, Chanel USA, as well as those who have started and successfully run their own businesses.

Students choose from concentrations in:

Requirements for the BA in Business

General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 39 Credits
Elective Credits: 39 Credits


 BUS 100 The Contemporary Workplace  3
 BUS 210 Marketing 3
 ACCT 215 Principles of Accounting I 3
 BUS 316 Organizational Behavior 3
 IT 330 Business Management & Information Technology 3
 BUS 403 Strategic Management 3

NOTE: Since some of the courses in this program have prerequisites, the specific program should be arranged in close collaboration with a business faculty advisor.
NOTE: Business majors must pass MATH 113 or a higher level math course with at least a C.
NOTE: All OPEN ELECTIVE courses must be chosen such that a total of 90 credits are in the liberal arts.
NOTE: A student receiving a grade of D or below in a required or elective course for the major, must repeat the course.

Faces of MMC

  • Dominique Studer

    Class of 2011, Major in Marketing

  • Kirstin Gwirtz

    Class of 2010, Major in Dance and Business Management

  • Xiaoyi He

    Class of 2015, Major in Finance

  • Jacob Webber

    Class of 2012, Major in Entrepreneurship

  • Elizabeth McElligott

    Class of 2013, Major in Business Management and Dance

  • Austin Nelson

    Class of 2014, Major in Marketing

  • Sofija Gligorov

    Class of 2013 Valedictorian, Major in International Business and Economics

  • Amy Pekal

    Class of 2015, Major in Business Management and Art History

  • Brandon Waters

    Class of 2011, Major in Marketing

  • Alexandra Kaprielian

    Class of 2013, Major in International Business

  • Jason Yuhas

    Class of 2011, Major in Marketing

  • James Matson

    Class of 2014, Major in Economics and International Studies, Minor in Asian Studies

  • Blake Balsamo

    Class of 2015, Major in Finance

  • Elizabeth Tuvblad

    Class of 2014, Major in Business Management

  • Christina McDonald

    Class of 2015, Major in Business