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Accounting and Business Alumni have been accepted to graduate programs in Columbia University, NYU, Pace University, Long Island University, SUNY and CUNY in Business and Economics.  In recent years, our students have also been accepted at University College London (England) for Environmental Studies and Vanderbilt University and the University of Washington to study Law.

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Notes from the Field

  • Ethan Gwirtz

    “I graduated in 2009 with a BS in Business Management, concentration in Finance and Investments.  I had a great experience with the program.  The teachers were great and I liked that they all had real experience working jobs that gave them the tools they needed to teach the subject matter.  The library was one of my greatest assets and I would recommend that everyone spend at least a few hours each day hitting the books in there.

    Most of all, I enjoyed the smaller classrooms where you have a voice and aren’t a number in a huge auditorium.  Also, having NYC as my campus was fantastic, as many classes and relationships afforded me opportunities to see part of the city, including parks, museums, and even trading floors on the NYSE, Morgan Stanley, and an assortment of other Wall Street offices.  

    I was part of the business club, serving as both Treasurer and VP.  I also had an internship at Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services during college.  I was inducted as a member of Sigma Beta Delta, Curian, and Alpha Chi honor societies on the basis of my GPA.

    Presently, I work at CertusBank as a Mortgage Loan Officer.  I love helping people save money or get cash out when refinancing. It is also rewarding when helping people finance a new house, whether they are first time buyers, are involved in an upgrade/downgrade, or are interested in an investment opportunity.

    I have gained extremely important business skills such as sales experience, and customer service; and also financial skills regarding cash flow analysis, break-even point analysis, affordability and qualification ratios.  I have developed a good feel for the treasury and bond markets as well as the national housing market in order to help guide my clients. 

    My advice to any student:  work hard and graduate with a fantastic GPA!  Also try to get a job or internship in which you deal with businessmen and clients.  These will help prepare you for the business world and will help you potentially stand out to future employers. Also, make sure that you take advantage of the city, especially if you aren’t originally from there.  There are many great places to explore, and plenty of activities that are free or inexpensive.  Whether you stay or move away, you will have memories that very few people in this world will experience.  Work hard, play hard!”

  • Jason Yuhas

    (Class of 2011) Director, Sales Operations at Vertical Search Works

    Jason graduated with a B.S. in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from MarymountManhattanCollege in 2011. He is currently the Director of Sales Operations at Vertical Search Works, a search technology company. He supports the sales staff and provides them with all of the necessary materials to succeed. Jason started at Vertical Search Works in March of 2011 and is continually moving up in the company since. He attributes his success to hard work. Jason enjoys going to work and working with people. He is involved so much in this startup that most of his time awake is spent at work. Since Vertical Search Works is a startup, Jason wears a lot of hats. Jason works with almost all of the divisions within the company; marketing, accounting, human resources, operations, sales, account management, IT and other special projects at the executive level.

    While at MMC Jason enjoyed going to class and spending time learning from the excellent professors. The business division professors were very knowledgeable and use real life examples or current events to explain the material. This made it easier to grasp concepts used in the business world. The career services department helped out a lot by assisting in finding an internship for Jason. He interned at NBC his junior year which has already made a huge impact on his career. Having this internship taught Jason more about business then any classroom could; it also gave some great references and made his resume and experience more valuable. He has stayed in touch with some employees at NBC which has helped Jason network and generate business in his current position. He is also continuing his education at StrayerUniversity and has completed half of the course work to earn his Executive MBA.

    The internship, combined with the knowledge from MMC professors, taught Jason that the one thing you need to do in life is to work hard. This work ethic starts when you are in school. You have to discipline yourself to be hard working, find an internship and be prepared for interviews once you start your job search.

    If you would like to connect with Jason feel free to reach out to him by connecting on LinkedIn

  • Sofija Gligorov

    (Class of 2013):

    Originally from Macedonia, I graduated from MMC in 2013 as the Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a concentration in International Business and Economics.

    I currently work at JP Morgan Chase & Co. as an Analyst in Global Treasury within Corporate Finance. I am really enjoying working in Corporate since I am part of the internal governance of the firm and I get a lot of senior management exposure. Global Treasury is a critical function within JP Morgan’s Corporate Financial Management and being part of an organization that interacts with all lines of business has been an invaluable experience for me. I started in JP Morgan as an intern in a new corporate organization called Oversight & Control, formed because of the heavy regulatory demands facing banks as a result of the 2008 Financial Crisis. This fast-paced environment that was so relevant to the firm and to the overall financial services industry made me realize how much I enjoy working in an area where you get more of a bird’s eye perspective on a company.

    However, my current role would not have been possible without my Marymount experience. The amazing classes taught by brilliant professors gave me the knowledge needed to step into a full-time role at a company. Furthermore, the fact that the college was in NYC made me independent, courageous, and open-minded. Being an RA (Resident Advisor) developed my communication, organization, and prioritization skills, which are crucial to my current role. Also, the peer-to-peer relationships that I developed with my professors gave me the confidence and support for the future. All of these things combined make MMC an unbelievable college full of diverse individuals that are willing to help each other and make each other grow.

    MMC has truly prepared me for the future, and I recommend all students to get involved in activities, get the most out of their classes, and network. NYC is the best place to meet people, and you get a job mostly by knowing people. Communicate and build relationships right away, because they will certainly serve you in the future. Leave every meeting with one person with the information to make another meeting with a different person!