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Accounting and Business Alumni have been accepted to graduate programs in Columbia University, NYU, Pace University, Long Island University, SUNY and CUNY in Business and Economics.  In recent years, our students have also been accepted at University College London (England) for Environmental Studies and Vanderbilt University and the University of Washington to study Law.

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Notes from the Field

  • Ethan Gwirtz

    “I graduated in 2009 with a BS in Business Management, concentration in Finance and Investments.  I had a great experience with the program.  The teachers were great and I liked that they all had real experience working jobs that gave them the tools they needed to teach the subject matter.  The library was one of my greatest assets and I would recommend that everyone spend at least a few hours each day hitting the books in there.

    Most of all, I enjoyed the smaller classrooms where you have a voice and aren’t a number in a huge auditorium.  Also, having NYC as my campus was fantastic, as many classes and relationships afforded me opportunities to see part of the city, including parks, museums, and even trading floors on the NYSE, Morgan Stanley, and an assortment of other Wall Street offices.  

    I was part of the business club, serving as both Treasurer and VP.  I also had an internship at Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services during college.  I was inducted as a member of Sigma Beta Delta, Curian, and Alpha Chi honor societies on the basis of my GPA.

    Presently, I work at CertusBank as a Mortgage Loan Officer.  I love helping people save money or get cash out when refinancing. It is also rewarding when helping people finance a new house, whether they are first time buyers, are involved in an upgrade/downgrade, or are interested in an investment opportunity.

    I have gained extremely important business skills such as sales experience, and customer service; and also financial skills regarding cash flow analysis, break-even point analysis, affordability and qualification ratios.  I have developed a good feel for the treasury and bond markets as well as the national housing market in order to help guide my clients. 

    My advice to any student:  work hard and graduate with a fantastic GPA!  Also try to get a job or internship in which you deal with businessmen and clients.  These will help prepare you for the business world and will help you potentially stand out to future employers. Also, make sure that you take advantage of the city, especially if you aren’t originally from there.  There are many great places to explore, and plenty of activities that are free or inexpensive.  Whether you stay or move away, you will have memories that very few people in this world will experience.  Work hard, play hard!”

  • Kirstin Gwirtz

    “I graduated in 2010 with a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Finance & Investments, and a double major in Dance with a concentration in Dance & Media. 

    At present, I work at CertusBank Mortgage in Charlotte, NC as a Mortgage Disclosure Desk Team Leader. While my job primarily focuses on mortgage compliance, my business experience has created a strong platform for my knowledge when reviewing cost, rates and APR. I enjoy working in the mortgage industry and being a part of a process that allows customers to purchase their first home, refinance and save money or take cash out to consolidate debt or do home improvements. I do plan on studying further and have looked into MBA programs here in the Charlotte, NC area. 

    I really liked Marymount’s small class sizes and individual attention received from professors. Both professors and advisors took an interest in your education and wanted to make sure you succeeded while in school and after graduation. Marymount also gave me the opportunity to pursue a double major in business and dance which was a wonderful experience supported by both departments. I also enjoyed having NYC as a campus, where there are so many things to explore and do. 

    While attending Marymount I was involved in the Marymount Business Association (MBA) serving as President and Vice President. My involvement in MBA was a great opportunity to network with fellow students as well as business professionals. Two other organizations I was a member of were the Sigma Beta Delta and Alpha Chi honor societies. I also had the opportunity to do a summer internship combining my business and dance majors with a contemporary dance company, Jennifer Muller/The Works.

My advice to future students would be to work hard and enjoy their college experience at the same time. It is important to study hard and focus on your academics, but also be sure to take advantage of NYC and what it has to offer. There are so many things around the city that are free or relatively inexpensive. Additionally, many Broadway shows have student rushes or discounted tickets. One important experience I would recommend for all students is an internship. After graduation the experience you gained through an internship will help you when you are applying and interviewing for jobs.”

  • Elizabeth McElligott

    “I was a member of the MMC graduating class of 2013.  I double-majored and received a B.S. in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance and Investments, and a B.A. in Dance, with a concentration in Teaching Dance Arts.  The opportunity to pursue these diverse avenues played a critical role in my decision to attend MMC.  Double-majoring is very do-able.  I averaged six classes per semester, which is a pretty heavy workload.  However, with a good sense of time management, I had plenty of time to embrace living in the greatest city in the world!  As a student at MMC, your campus is Manhattan!

    When I started my journey at MMC, my primary focus was dance.  I believe the technique instruction I received in Jazz, Ballet and Modern was comparable to the best dance colleges.  In my later years, my interest shifted toward Business.  I am very grateful to Dr. Vandana Rao, my advisor, for helping to guide me through my program.  Together we developed an individualized path to achieve my ambitious goals.

    During my junior and senior years, I was able to work about 10 hours a week for an Asset Management company.  This was a great experience and it gave me some insight into the world of finance.  It was gratifying to be able to relate my MMC business classes to the real world. 

    Upon graduation, I began the formidable task of attempting to find a job.  I knew it would be challenging in these difficult economic times.  But in July of 2013, one month after graduation, I was offered a position as a Tax Reclaim Specialist at GlobeTax Services, right here in Manhattan on Broad Street!  I work with a team of other dedicated professionals, and our mission is to assist domestic investors in retrieving excess tax withholding on investment income earned internationally.  With so much to learn and strict deadlines, there is never a dull moment.  I can honestly say I love my job!  My business classes at MMC, as well as my interaction with my classmates and professors, laid the foundation for me to acquire this wonderful opportunity, and to function every day confidently and productively.

    Although I primarily focused on dance and business, I was still able to receive the traditional MMC liberal arts education.  I was also given the opportunity to study in Hawaii for a month through a program offered through Hunter College.  That was an absolutely wonderful experience!

    To any current or prospective students at MMC, I would say be creative and enjoy the journey.  MMC provides academic structure and promotes social awareness, so there is an excellent opportunity to become a consummate professional.”