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Accounting and Business Alumni have been accepted to graduate programs in Columbia University, NYU, Pace University, Long Island University, SUNY and CUNY in Business and Economics.  In recent years, our students have also been accepted at University College London (England) for Environmental Studies and Vanderbilt University and the University of Washington to study Law.

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Notes from the Field

  • Jacob Webber

    Class of 2012

    Boston, MA;


    “I was a Business Management major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Hispanic Studies. I graduated in May of 2012. I initially started working for a corporate events organization working on conferences involved with corporate development and mergers and acquisitions. After about a year I was recruited by my current employer Mimeo, and have been working as a national account manager for the past eight months. I generate leads primarily focused on fortune 500 companies, and discuss our cloud based on demand print solution with members of the executive team. I primarily deal with key decision makers ranging from Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers and their direct reports. I manage and retain a portfolio of clients constantly seeking for new organizations to continue growing not only my book of business, but also the overall organizations client base.

    My immediate goals are to continue building my portfolio to secure a spot in Presidents Platinum Club, and to finish preparing for the GMAT exam so that I can take full advantage of my organization’s dedication to higher education with tuition reimbursement for those seeking an MBA.

    What did I enjoy most at Marymount? First and foremost would be the faculty of the Business and Accounting Department.  Each member of this team brings forth an unprecedented knowledge base in an array of subject matter. But what separates them from simply being intellects is their pride and love for teaching.  Coupled with the faculty would be the intimate class sizes. Marymount students have the advantage of having small classroom sizes which encourages more student professor interaction, as well as a more enriching study of the subject. Thirdly, I had a wonderful experience interning for Finn Partners PR Firm in their literary sect, MEDIA CONNECT. I developed and planned national Radio, Print, and Television interviews for Business Authors. I was privileged to work with authors such as Dr. Charles Richards, The Psychology of Wealth, and Matthew Bishop, The Economist US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, author of In Gold We Trust.

    My advice to current students: There are a few ways to make the transition from the academic world to the business world a seamless process. Firstly, take advantage of the diverse course offerings at Marymount. One of the major topics that crops up in conversations with the executives in the C-suite is the talent pipeline concern with many of these corporations. Executives want young talent with a diverse background.  Take a plethora of different courses, and delve into different subject matter. It will allow you to connect principles you learn from different courses to the core foundation (business courses). Also, do not be afraid to be involved with school clubs, activities, and leadership positions. The more you can round out your resume the more you will stand out amongst all the other graduates seeking employment opportunities. Furthermore, make sure to utilize every resource that Marymount has to offer. It is imperative to forge relationships with your professors, the offices, and your advisor. They as a collective group are there to aid you throughout your four years of school, as well as upon graduation. I can honestly say I have been fortunate enough to be able to e-mail multiple members of the faculty and staff after graduation in need of letters of recommendation, references, and resources. Lastly, ENJOY your time within this amazing community. Extract every bit of knowledge you can, and embrace every obstacle with an open mind.”

  • Sofija Gligorov

    (Class of 2013):

    Originally from Macedonia, I graduated from MMC in 2013 as the Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a concentration in International Business and Economics.

    I currently work at JP Morgan Chase & Co. as an Analyst in Global Treasury within Corporate Finance. I am really enjoying working in Corporate since I am part of the internal governance of the firm and I get a lot of senior management exposure. Global Treasury is a critical function within JP Morgan’s Corporate Financial Management and being part of an organization that interacts with all lines of business has been an invaluable experience for me. I started in JP Morgan as an intern in a new corporate organization called Oversight & Control, formed because of the heavy regulatory demands facing banks as a result of the 2008 Financial Crisis. This fast-paced environment that was so relevant to the firm and to the overall financial services industry made me realize how much I enjoy working in an area where you get more of a bird’s eye perspective on a company.

    However, my current role would not have been possible without my Marymount experience. The amazing classes taught by brilliant professors gave me the knowledge needed to step into a full-time role at a company. Furthermore, the fact that the college was in NYC made me independent, courageous, and open-minded. Being an RA (Resident Advisor) developed my communication, organization, and prioritization skills, which are crucial to my current role. Also, the peer-to-peer relationships that I developed with my professors gave me the confidence and support for the future. All of these things combined make MMC an unbelievable college full of diverse individuals that are willing to help each other and make each other grow.

    MMC has truly prepared me for the future, and I recommend all students to get involved in activities, get the most out of their classes, and network. NYC is the best place to meet people, and you get a job mostly by knowing people. Communicate and build relationships right away, because they will certainly serve you in the future. Leave every meeting with one person with the information to make another meeting with a different person!

  • Brandon Waters

    Class of 2011
    BS Business Management, Marketing focus

    “I transitioned to the business department in the Spring of ’08 after one semester as an Acting major. There’s no better city to be in for business majors. The people I was able to surround myself with, the internships I was able to attain, and the accessibility were all invaluable.”

    “MMC takes “NYC as your campus” seriously, and I always felt supported in learning outside of the 71st street campus. In addition to the great full-time staff, I regularly took courses with adjunct professors who are actively working in their respective fields. My classes were small - which made for a tight knit and dedicated group of classmates and friends. Each semester further laid the groundwork for starting my career; I always felt I had an advantage over business graduates coming from other areas.”

    “I currently work at a digital advertising agency as a client liaison and producer. I still stay in touch with my professors and classmates today, and we are continuing to help one another.”