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Department of
Communication & Media Arts


the program

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Whether you are interested in television, film, digital media, journalism, or public relations and advertising, the majors in the Division of Communication & Media Arts will prepare you for a successful career in an industry that continues to evolve and grow.  The majors offer students flexibility as they work toward becoming experts, leaders and professionals in their field of interest.

Our Current major/Minors/Concentration

  • The Communication Arts major explores a wide variety of subjects associated with the study of communication. This major includes topics such as communication theory, media history, interpersonal and organizational communication, production, creative media, critical media studies, and professional and promotional communication. Students interested can also explore a Communication and Media Arts Minor.
  • The Journalism minor allows students to learn about all aspects of journalism. Marymount Manhattan College offers courses that expose students to everything from fashion journalism and political reporting to arts and media reporting. The TV studio that was recently added takes this minor to a whole new level. It will allow students to gain experience in broadcast journalism and the behind the scenes work that accompanies it.
  • The Communication Arts major allows for the option of a Creative Media concentration. This concentration allows CommArts majors to have an immersive, hands-on training experience in video production, web design, sound, interactive media, and other up-and-coming fields.

new majors in 2016:

We are pleased to announce that in addition to the Communication Arts Major, there will be 4 new majors beginning in September 2016:

  • Digital Media and Video Production for students interested in hands-on training in film, television, web-based media, and interactive and emerging media production. Students in this major take full advantage of our location in New York City - the media capital of the world – where unparalleled opportunities are available for students looking to obtain real-word experience in their chosen field.
  • Digital Journalism for students who want to engage in a cross-media platform approach that incorporates the basics of print media but also embraces newer formats for storytelling such as blogs, podcasts, and streaming video.
  • Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media for students interested in a career in the media industry. Students will learn practical approaches to contemporary media while also learning the artistry of media in the digital age.
  • Public Relations and Strategic Communication for students interested in learning the techniques and practices of promotional communication, professional communication, advertising, and social media practices.


Our alumni are present throughout the globe working in a variety of communication industries including television, film, media planning, fashion, journalism, advertising, social advocacy, human resources, and public relations. We encourage alumni to stay connected with faculty to share their adventures and travels as they embark on exciting careers.


Our campus is home to the Theresa Lang Center for Producing, a state-of-the-art digital audio, video, a brand-new television studio designed in 2015, and a multimedia facility where students and faculty work independently and collaboratively to create films, videos, podcasts, and interactive media projects.


There is no better place to study Communication & Media Arts than in the resource-rich city of New York. You’ll have the opportunity to intern at major TV networks—from Disney and Nickelodeon to CNBC and CNN—as well as at media powerhouses like Viacom, Bloomberg, and organizations like the United Nations and the Museum of Natural History. With New York City as an extension of the classroom, students have opportunities to meet film-makers across the globe, take classes at film festivals, visit television studios to network with media producers, and embrace both the larger and smaller industries throughout the five boroughs and beyond.