Communication Arts

Our general track in Communications Arts offers students a number of different opportunities to learn about communications from a multitude of perspectives.


Students interested in PR in can take classes in both the Communication and the Business Departments. Students who take courses in PR and Advertising at MMC will:

  • Learn practical skills while receiving a rich, broad-based liberal arts education.
  • Take production classes to learn web and video skills to enhance the skill-set for potential employees.
  • Learn to apply creativity and analysis to provide flexibility in the workforce.
  • Learn how to communicate messages effectively in a competitive job environment.
  • Receive deep understanding of PR and advertising industries that can apply to range of related fields.
  • Receive exposure to courses that teach how to effectively create, and respond to, messages in a wide variety of organizational contexts, including: advertising, marketing, public relations, healthcare, human resources, public affairs, training and development, hospitality, personnel recruiting, fundraising, and publicity management.

Internship opportunities span across a variety of fields, including marketing agencies, ad agencies, special events organizations, development, and fundraising.


Students with an interest in film and television studies will have the opportunity to:

  • Study film history and theory.
  • Learn how to critique media.
  • Explore the impact of global communication.

Alumni in this area build careers in the industry (rather than the creative) side of media industries. They  often enter the television industry, jobs in global industries, become media activists.


Students in this area are interested in careers in the communication industry within the growing health sector, jobs in human resources, and corporate communication. Students with this interest may take courses that will help make them effective leaders within communication industries. Students have the option to take classes to develop technological skills that will increases their marketability when developing their careers.


General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 45 Credits
Elective Credits: 33 Credits

COMM 104 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM 107 Principles and Theories of Communication 3
COMM 131 Survey of Film and Video OR
COMM 108 Survey of New Media
COMM 109 Sense and Medium: Introduction to Creative Media 3
COMM 230 Cultural History of Media 3
COMM 236 Public Speaking and Debate in the Digital Age 3
COMM 250 Organizational Communication 3
COMM 308 Special Topics in Communication OR
COMM 300 Special Topics in Creative Media
COMM 450 Capstone in Communication Arts OR
COMM 405 Creative Media Project
Students may choose to select 6 additional elective courses from the column immediately below or, alternately choose to focus their elective credits by following the Creative Media Concentration.
Select an additional 6 courses. Please note that 4 of the 6 courses MUST be at the 300 level or higher: 
 COMM 216 Digital Sound Workshop  3
 COMM 225 Web Workshop  3
 COMM 227 Film History  3
 COMM 232 Advertising I  3
 COMM 233 Video Workshop  3
 COMM 258 Small Group Communication  3
 COMM 293 Public Relations  3
 COMM 304 Global Media Studies  3
 COMM 310 Advanced Public Speaking and Debate  3
 COMM 312 Digital Media and Society  3
 COMM 314 Persuasion  3
 COMM 316 Intercultural Communication  3
 COMM 322 Writing For Television  3
 COMM 323 Media Writing Workshop  3
COMM 325 Themes in Interactive Media  3
COMM 326 Producing For Creative Media  3
COMM 329 Media Criticism  3
COMM 341 Themes in 2D Animation 3
COMM 344 Advocacy and Social Movements 3
COMM 347 Mobile Media 3
COMM 349 Projects in Digital Sound 3
COMM 353 Screenplay Writing  3
COMM 357 Contemporary World Cinema  3
COMM 359 Themes in Video  3
COMM 391 Gender, Sexuality, and Media  3
COMM 395 Media, Law, and Ethics  3
COMM 429 Advanced Video  3
COMM 475 The Avante-Garde in Art, Film, and Performance
COMM 480 Advanced Seminar in Communication  3