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Three students compose a song using recording studio equipment.

Department of Communication Arts

     The Creative Media concentration gives Communication Arts majors the tools to put their ideas into practice by becoming professionally trained media makers in the areas of video, web, sound, interactive, multimedia and media writing. Our production courses focus on equipping students with the skills to create thought provoking, socially engaged and innovative creative work for their media portfolios.

     Students in this concentration have the opportunity to take a sequence of courses in the Theresa Lang Center for Producing—including the Video Studio, Sound Lab and Innovation Lab—to build towards their goals in the creative media field.  All Creative Media courses have small class sizes and the professors have professional experience in their field in addition to their deep commitment to students and liberal arts.  These courses often take advantage of New York’s wealth of media resources.

     All students in Communication Arts take an introductory creative media course where they can get their feet wet in several different media areas and see what genres speak to their vision and interests.  At the intermediate level, students in the Creative Media concentration choose two areas of specialization that thoroughly prepare them for courses at the advanced level.

     Our advanced level courses offer in-depth workshops on a rotating schedule of themes: documentary production, avant-garde filmmaking, fiction shorts, web design, interactive media, web video activism, advanced sound studio, webisodes, children’s television, screenwriting, emerging technologies and mobile media are a few examples of our exciting offerings.  Students in these classes create their own projects, informed by history and theory from the field and employing professional practices.  In addition to training on professional equipment and software, professors nurture the students to find their creative voices, rigorously develop their ideas, realize projects with high production values and seek public exhibition opportunities.

     In senior year, students in the Creative Media concentration take a year long capstone course to develop and produce a significant media project of their choosing and participate in a public exhibition.


Requirements for a concentration in Creative Media:

     Students who to concentrate in Creative Media should complete the specific sequence below as their Communication Arts Major elective requirements.

COMM 403 Creative Media Seminar  3
DANC/COMM 216 Digital Sound Design  3
COMM 225 Web Workshop  3
COMM 233 Video Workshop  3
COMM 300 Special Topics in Creative Media                                                                      3
COMM 322 Writing for Television  3
COMM 323 Media Writing Workshop  3
COMM 325 Themes in Interactive Media*  3
COMM 326 Producing for Creative Media  3
COMM 341 Themes in 2D Animation  3
COMM 347 Mobile Media  3
COMM/MUS 349 Projects in Digital Sound  3
COMM 353 Screenplay Writing  3
COMM 359 Themes in Video*  3
COMM 429 Advanced Video  3
* Can be repeated with different theme