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Learning Goals for the Minor in Journalism


Upon completing the Journalism minor students will have:

  • developed through practice the research, writing, and reporting skills that are necessary across the journalistic spectrum;
  • studied the unique challenges that journalists face in the 21st century, including the impact of new technologies on the profession;
  • debated the legal questions and ethical issues with which the profession continually grapples;
  • strengthened their skills as reporters as they applied them to specific fields, including the arts and media; science and medicine, business, politics, and/or freelance article writing; and
  • applied the knowledge and skill they acquired in the classroom to various professional opportunities and, in doing so, gained valuable professional experience


Requirements for a Minor in Journalism

Foundational Courses: 3
JOUR 110 Introduction to Journalism 3
JOUR 225 Intermediate Journalism:
Journalism in the 21st Century
JOUR/COMM 395 Media, Law & Ethics 3
Areas of Specialization
Choose three of the following:
JOUR 313 Business and Financial Reporting 3
JOUR 314 Reporting in Science, Medicine, and Health      3
JOUR 310 Arts and Media Reporting and Criticism 3
JOUR 312 Public Affairs and Political Reporting 3
JOUR 340 Freelance Article Writing 3
JOUR 350 Special Topics in Journalism 3
Choose one of the following:  
JOUR 311 Journalism Practicum 3
JOUR 399 Internship/Independent Study 3
Total Credits 21