Marymount Manhattan

Department of Communication Arts

Media Studies

Requirements for a Minor in Media studies

COMM 131 Survey of Film & Video
or COMM 108 Survey of New Media
COMM 230 Cultural History of Media 3
Three of the following (at least one at the 300-level):     (9)
COMM 227 Film History 3
COMM 242 Media Criticism 3
COMM 304 Global Media Studies 3
COMM 308 Special Topics in Communication* 3
COMM 312 Digital Media and Society 3
COMM 357 Contemporary World Cinema 3
COMM 391 Gender, Sexuality, and Media 3
COMM 395 Media, Law, and Ethics 3
Total Credits 15

* When topic is suitable to minor (e.g. Deconstructing Reality Television; The Politics of Popular Culture; Manhattan Movie Experience; Japanese Fantasy and Animé; The Films of Martin Scorsese; The Road Movie; etc.). See Department Chair to verify appropriateness.

Note: Communication Arts majors may not take the Media Studies minor.