Marymount Manhattan


Ruth Smadbeck Communication and Learning Center

The Ruth Smadbeck Communication and Learning Center is a valuable educational asset, which provides on-site supervision and training for students in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Such training is usually not available on an undergraduate level.

imageThe state-of-the-art facility contains therapy rooms equipped with a closed circuit audio/visual system to maximize teaching and learning opportunities. The Center has sand treated rooms, which house the audiology and speech science labs. The Center is located on the seventh floor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Clinical Experience

Students will be able to learn diagnostic testing and treatment techniques in a wide range of pediatric and adult communication disorders. These include: language and phonological delay, language based learning disabilities, voice disorders, fluency disorders, aphasia, and speech correction.

Clients are referred from throughout the metropolitan area and represent all age groups. Students are closely supervised in client-related activities as part of a two semester capstone course prior to graduation and certification.

Notice of Privacy Practices

HIPAA Certification Training for SPCH 475 Students