Department of Dance

Body, Science & Motion

The Body, Science, & Motion concentration creates an opportunity to combine dance with a scientific foundation, providing a path for those who wish to pursue post baccalaureate programs in allied health, somatic work, or general research.

Dance majors prepare for roles as practitioners, physical therapists, movement specialists, consultants, clinical educators, and scholars.

Depending on career goals, the concentration can stand alone or be further enhanced with the MMC biology minor. Our goal is to support the need to meet challenges of the rapidly changing and burgeoning field of Dance Medicine.

Internships with noted practitioners and medical institutions in Manhattan will provide our candidates with cutting edge experience and introduce opportunities in the field.

REQUIREMENTS for body, science & motion concentration

BIO 116 Nutrition 3
BIO 136 Anatomy I 4
BIO 234 Human Physiology 4
DANC 261 Intro to Movement Analysis & Notation           3
DANC 371 Somatic Awareness 3
DANC 369 Anatomy II 3
DANC 399/499 Internship 1
Total Credits 21
Students in the Body, Science and Motion Concentration must elect to take BIOL 116 Nutrition to fulfill their Lower Level B Shared Curriculum requirement.