Department of Dance


Students study, in theory and practice, the art and craft of choreography.

Through various processes, techniques, sources, styles, and points of view, students gain experience in composing dances in both solo and group forms. In addition, they acquire an understanding of production value and technical support and how these impact the conception, development, and execution of an artistic idea and the realization of a complete theatrical experience.

Honing their craft in a diverse array of rehearsal environments, participating either as performer or choreographer, students completing the work in this concentration will be prepared to mold and pursue their own individual aesthetic interests and objectives.

Photo by Danielle Rutherford '13Photo by Danielle Rutherford '13



DANC 240 Improvisation 1
DANC 340 Improvisation II      1
DANC 294/425 Projects 1
Choose two of the Following  
DANC 453 Dance Composition III 3
DANC 496 Choreography for the American Musical Theatre                                        3
THTR/DANC 317 Design for Directors & Choreographers 3
THTR 415 ST: Viewpoints 3
Total Credits 9