Department of Dance

Dance & Media

The Dance and Media concentration provides theoretical and practical experience for students who wish to record, document, present, and/or manipulate images related to the body, dance and movement.

Dance and Media students work in artistic, scholarly, archival and arts admin-istration/marketing contexts.  Through a variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom, they are taught to think critically about the conception and production of audio and visual media for use in live, recorded, and web-based applications. Dance & Media students have participated in internships at NYC performing arts spaces, print and online publications, recording studios and events/marketing companies. At MMC, Dance & Media students have worked as photographers, videographers, writers, sound designers, programmers, performers, graphic designers and digital media artists, often using sophisticated technology and software packages.

A variety of sub-concentrations permit the exploration of specialized interests in the Dance and Media field: video production, audio production, digital imaging and web-based media, photography, and graphic design.

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COMM 109 Sense and Medium 3
DANC 351 Dance Composition I 3
DANC 370 Movement, Media, Theory 3
DANC/ COMM 216 Digital Sound Workshop 3
Choose one of the Following
DANC 291 Music for Dance  
Art 116 Color & Design  
Special Focus Courses  
Two sequential courses from any one of these areas:  6

a. Video

  • Video Workshop (3)
  • Themes in Video (3)

b. Photography 

  • Photography I (3)
  • Photography II (3)

c. Digital Imaging & Web-based Media

  • Digital Imaging I (3)
  • Digital Imaging II (3)
  • Web Workshop (3)
  • Themes in Interactive Media (3)
  • Producing for Digital Media (3)
  • Mobile Media (3)

d. Audio Design & Production***

  • Projects in Digital Sound (3)
  • Audio Technology for Performance I (3)
  • Audio Technology for Performance II (3)

e. Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design I (3)
  • Graphic Design II (3)
***upon completion of COMM 216 Digital Sound Design, this sub-concentration may be met with any two of these courses  
Total Credits 21