Department of Dance

Dance Minor

The Dance Minor is designed for non-Dance majors who wish to experience the art of dance and movement practices while engaged in another major. No audition is required, but the minor is geared toward those with some basic knowledge of dance and provides a foundation in the history and practice of dance and its trajectory as a social and cultural phenomenon.


DANC 105 Dance as an Art Form (or equivalency w/ prior experience) 3
DANC 354 Dance & Cultural History 3
Two of the Following  
DANC 230 Costume for Dance 3
DANC 307 Contemporary Dance in a Global Context 3
DANC 305 Movie Moves 3
ART/DANC/THTR 328 The Arts and Social Change 3
DANC 303 Anatomy 3
DANC 371 Somatic Practices 3
ART/COMM/DANC 475 The Avant-Garde in Art, Film & Performance 3
Three of the Following  
DANC 140 Ballet I for Non-Majors 2*
DANC 212 Ballet II for Non-Majors  2
DANC 141 Modern I for Non-Majors  2
DANC 107 Jazz I for Non-Majors  2
DANC 214 Hip Hop for Non-Majors  2
DANC 210 African Dance for Non-Majors  2
Total Credits  18
* A Student may take two (2) credit movement classes and have them count towards a DS1.