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Shakespeare in the Park


Annabelle Royer, Class of 2013

“The skills I developed in Marymount’s Literature program have helped me to grapple with this life changing experience. I am prepared to consider the cultural differences between America and Taiwan with greater awareness and understanding as well as fulfill my teaching job with the utmost dedication.” 

Cameron Kelsall, Class of 2010

“The English and World Literatures major’s rigorous academic standards, diverse array of coursework, and emphasis on close working relationships between faculty and students perfectly prepared me to undertake graduate studies and begin teaching at the college level. English is one of the quintessential liberal arts majors, and I found the education offered at MMC has been invaluable to me in more ways than I can name.” 

Meghan Quinlan, Class of 2010

“The class sizes were small, which allowed for in-depth and personalized feedback from professors and a lot of freedom to explore what interested me most within each course. As a double major with dance, I was often encouraged to integrate interdisciplinary concepts and methods in my work as an English & World Literatures major, which was really exciting and useful!”

Amanda DiLodovico, Class of 2010

“The faculty in the English & World Literatures major not only offered me guidance, generosity, and knowledge, but also provided me with the tools to write effectively, think critically, and produce high-quality work. These skills are of immense value; however, the most precious resource that I gained as an EWL major was and continues to be the working relationships I developed with the department’s wonderful professors. They always considered my post-graduate interests in coursework and accommodated my dual major with ease. The English & World Literatures faculty, who I still consider allies today, not only offered me options, but provided me with a glimpse of the stellar career I could one day achieve. Since leaving MMC I earned my M.A. in Performance Studies at New York University, a discipline that incorporates both of my interests in literary/critical theory and dance performance. I hope to earn my doctorate so that I can become a college or university professor, and one day provide the same skills, options, and enlightenment to eager students that the English & World Literatures professors at MMC awarded me. I look forward to continuing my academic work in the near future and, of course, doing a great many things with my B.A. in English & World Literatures!”

Julia Paglieri, Class of 2009

“As a transfer student from a large university, I deliberately sought out a small, urban liberal arts college determined to find the personalized education that was so desperately lacking at the school from which I transferred.  My initial goal was solely to finish my B.A degree; however, once immersed in the close-knit group which comprised the English & World Literatures major at Marymount Manahattan College, I finally found the academic experience that I had never known I had always wanted: it was the passion and dedication with which the professors and students embraced their respective loves of literature.  I had finally found my niche.  It was with this dedication, newly instilled by those in this department, that I went forward to pursue and excel in my graduate studies in English Literature at Hunter College.”

Alex Dill, Class of 2008

“What I liked most about the English & World Literatures major was the breadth of elective courses. I studied texts from a broad historical range and I was also able to study texts from a variety of cultural perspectives, particularly in classes like Woman as Writer/Subject/Audience and Gay & Lesbian Literature.  My creative writing classes also helped me to grow as a writer while broadening my reading horizons.”​

Ginger Kimler, Class of 2006

“The support I got from the professors at MMC gave me the confidence to go anywhere and do anything! The English & World Literatures faculty especially felt like family. My professors knew I had a question just by the look on my face—I didn’t even have to raise my hand!”

Thomas Fabricio, Class of 2005

“The English & World Literatures major at MMC exposed me to an array of rich literary texts that I would not have read otherwise. Working through the major gave me the skill of literary criticism and analysis. The fact is that my work today, as a practicing attorney, and previously in law school, required me to employ the textual analytical skills gained at Marymount. Specifically, we learned to closely read texts and write about their meaning within different contexts and from different perspectives. We did this by learning theories of criticism and applying the theories to certain texts. That’s essentially what lawyers do, we apply laws to facts. The experiences and skills I gained from the MMC English & World Literatures major have been an essential building block in my professional career.”