Creative Writing


CRW 201 Introduction to Creative Writing I 3
CRW 205 Introduction to Creative Writing II 3
CRW 346 Intermediate Creative Writing 3
CRW 391 Special Topics in Creative Writing 3
Two of the following:  
CRW 441 Workshop in Writing Poetry 3
CRW 442 Workshop in Writing Fiction 3
CRW 443 Workshop in Writing Creative Nonfiction                                     3
Total Credits 18



Within the Creative Writing minor, students are presented with the opportunity:

  • to invigorate their imaginative potential;
  • to examine literature from the writer’s point of view;
  • to actively pursue their own poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in an intellectually stimulating environment;
  • to critically engage the inventive works of a multitude of writers from diverse cultures and time periods;
  • to respond to the central role of language in the creation of meaning and develop a sensitivity to the affective power of words;
  • to expand their awareness of the critical traditions that shape literary history;
  • to cultivate an ability to resolve the tension between theory and practice;
  • to utilize their capacity to analyze their own writing in a self-reflective manner while learning the importance of redrafting and revision;
  • and to work with and in relation to others, through the tried and true workshop model, in presenting ideas and collectively negotiating solutions.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many creative outlets that exist on campus, such as the literary and arts magazine, Marymount Manhattan Review, which is entirely edited and designed by our strong community of student writers and visual artists. Our students can also attend poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction readings sponsored by the English Department, Sigma Tau Delta, and the Literary Society; fantastic opportunities to get to know classmates, peers, and other artists. 

Furthermore, we prepare our Creative Writing minors for a multitude of future endeavors—such as graduate work in many areas, teaching, writing for media, editing, personnel and social work, management, and indeed professional creative writing; the ultimate goal to teach that becoming a writer is a life-long process and that literature truly can teach us how to live.


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