MMC Review

The Marymount Manhattan Review is the College’s creative writing journal, published once a year in the spring.

The editorial board is comprised of students solely responsible for reviewing all submissions and selecting poetry, fiction, short dramatic works, and creative nonfiction for publication.  The Review invites current MMC students to submit poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, short dramatic works, and cover art. This year we’ve received over 56 poems and over a dozen fiction and nonfiction pieces.

2015-2016 Editorial Staff

Kathryn Barnish - Social Media Publicist

Student editor and tweeter of The Review. Poetry fangirl who’d rather write any word than say it, preferably not in 140 characters or less. She hopes to be able to find a way in writing for film and television with a Communication Arts major. 

 Cody J. Gambino - Junior Editor

Brooklyn born, Vegas raised, and the youngest of four siblings; Cody is no stranger to being loud and outspoken. True to his nature, his writings remind us that life is messy at times. An avid reader, aspiring writer, and hot pocket enthusiast. There ain’t no shame in his game. 


 Layla Hansen - Senior Editor

Layla Hansen is a Junior at Marymount Manhattan College. She is a Communication Arts Major with a Creative Writing Minor, or an apprentice alphabet manipulator. Other than petting dogs and drinking coffee, the only thing she is good at is writing. You can find her with her notebook in isolated corners of cafes, diners, and trains. 


Heather Harbach - Junior Editor

Heather is a proud New Yorker from the East end of Long Island. Heather’s busy schedule is filled with being English World Literature and Business Marketing double major, while working part-time at Estee Lauder Companies as a Coordinator in Global Management Strategies. She hopes to sell her soul to corporate America one day and read angsty love stories alone in her apartment with her beloved beagle, Snoopy. When she isn’t dreaming about being a high profile businesswoman, she is learning how to apply makeup from YouTube tutorials.  

Wesley Hayden - Junior Editor

Wes Hayden’s master plans include to one day become the greatest science fiction author this side of the galaxy and to find himself a place in the development of video games, as he feels that thousands of new possibilities for telling a story arise when the medium is interacted with and shaped directly by the audience. He currently studies literature and creative writing at Marymount Manhattan College, but would consider leaving that behind for a gig as a soldier of fortune. Enjoys exhausted tropes and clichés, conspiracy theories, nihilism, and long walks on the beach.

Sally Stroud - Senior Editor

Sally Stroud is a Junior in the Communications Arts program with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to write, nanny, and wishes she had a ginger kitten. Film is her passion and she hopes one day to write and direct. 



The Literary Awards

Each year, the Department of Literature and Language recognizes three pieces published in The Review with awards named for former faculty members:

The Joseph P. Clancy Award in Poetry

The Dymphna Leonard Award for Fiction

The John Costello Award for Creative Nonfiction.

For descriptions, click here

The department also hosts an annual party and reading to celebrate the publication of the Review.

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