Marymount Manhattan


Major English and World Literatures: Credits 42

General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 42 Credits
Elective Credits: 36 Credits


Requirements for a B.A. in English and world literatures

Required Core Courses: (15)
EWL 110 Reading World Literature I  3
EWL 115 Reading World Literature II
EWL 207 Literary Analysis  3
EWL 302 Literary research and Theory Seminar  3
EWL 490 Senior Seminar  3
Language Studies: (6)
Students fulfill the Language Studies requirements by taking a foreign language at the appropriate level given previous study or selecting from the following courses:
SPCH 112: The Structure of English  3
SPCH 160: Introduction to Linguistics  3
SPCH 209: American Sign Language I  3
SPCH 309: American Sign Language II  3
EWL 210 History of the English Language.  3
Perspectives Courses: (21)
Historical Perspectives (200-level courses)  6
Thematic/Generic Perspectives (300-level courses)  6
Advanced Perspectives (400-level courses)  3
Elective Courses: any additional 300- or 400-level courses  6
Regional Requirements:  
In completing their perspectives and elective course requirements, students must complete at least one course from a minimum of four of the following regional categories. Regional designations are identified with course codes using the initials below.
 Africa (AF)  
 Asian (AS)  
 Australian/Oceanic (AUO)  
European (EU)  
Central/South American (CSA)  
North American (NA)  
Trans-Regional (TR)  
*regional designation will vary based on content of course  
Total Credits 42