Marymount Manhattan


MMC students have access to an array of options when it comes to internships—from world-renowned institutions and businesses to local stores and small start-ups.  Here are some internship stories from recent EWL majors.


Cameron Cain


imageInterned at Scholastic Corporation and Conde Nast Traveler Magazine
“You hear it from all quarters: these days a college degree is simply not enough. If you graduate without at least one internship under your belt, your reśumé can end up on the bottom of the pile. But while internships may be vital to your future employment prospects, those internships can vary enormously in terms of what you get to do and what you end up learning. In my case, I’ve had two editorial internships. The first was at Scholastic, a company that publishes educational material for teachers, parents, and children.  The second was at Condé Nast Traveler Magazine,  where I was able to attend production meetings  and had opportunities to work on many interesting projects, including the creation of a family travel app for smartphones and iPads.  Both internships gave me the chance to learn from some incredible writers and editors, and to put into practice some of the skills that I have acquired as an English & World Literatures major and and journalism minor, including researching, editing, fact checking and pitching story ideas. Perhaps most valuable of all though was the glimpse that I had, warts and all, of what life is like in the publishing industry.”

Farah Minwalla

Interned at SPIN Magazine, Senator Charles Schumer’s Office, Common Cause, the Department of Homeland Security, and Customs and Border Protection
“My internship experiences provided me a glimpse of what life after college would be like without the shock of graduating college and starting my first job with little to no work experience. I am very grateful to the guidance I got from the faculty as well as the internship and résumé help I received from the staff in the Office of Career Services. Marymount Manhattan is a great place for taking advantage of the wonderful resources of New York City.”

Dave Grilli

Interned at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
“In Spring 2010, I had the opportunity to do an internship with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a New York-based nonprofit organization that fights censorship and promotes First Amendment rights for comic book writers, artists, retailers, publishers, and fans. This unique organization allowed me to explore my love of sequential graphic literature in conjunction with my passion for free expression, and even led to a job within the organization. I travelled all over the country with the CBLDF, from Comic Con International in San Diego, CA, to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, and many more. This internship provided me with real world experience, industry connections, and the chance to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.”

Tas Tobey

Interned at the New York Times Style Magazineimage
“I think the most valuable part of the internship was essentially being able to shadow the men’s fashion editor—who I worked directly for. Observing closely and learning the creative process that he goes through when putting together a photo shoot has been quite invaluable; I feel like it’s safe to say that it’s impossible to learn and understand this kind of thing in any other way besides actually witnessing someone doing it. What was great about this process is that he would actively and consistently stop and explain to me the decisions that he was making and his reasoning behind them, so my observation was that much more of a learning process. Besides the process itself, he also taught me everything that I need to know to be a freelance stylist assistant, and because I worked as his assistant on many of his own freelance shoots outside of the Times, I have all the hands-on experience I need to start working freelance myself—which I have already begun to do with a handful of different companies and designers.”