Our Alumni

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Below is a little bit about some of our students, current and alum, and what they’re doing in the world today. 

Serious Play

PHIL/RS major Christian Kronsted wanted to make philosophy more accessible. So he worked with faculty member Carrie-Ann Biondi and developed Cogito, the world’s first philosophy card game. It’s a cross between Uno and games like Magic: The Gathering.

Christian wants everyone to “grow down” and think some great thoughts—through play. 

Seeing Into the Beyond

 Sean Forlenza ’10 graduated from MMC with a major in PHIL/RS and took the road less traveled. With other MMC alums he started the power-psych trio Eidetic Seeing and unleashed a musical storm that is both furious and thoughtful. (The name of the band, by the way, comes from the writings of German philosopher Edmund Husserl.) 

Laying Down the Law

Alanna Kearney ’12 knew early on that she wanted to major in philosophy. When she applied to law school, it became clear that this was the right choice. Armed with the skills she learned in courses like Ethics, Logic, and Philosophy of Law, and the advice of faculty member Carrie-Ann Biondi—Alanna rocked the LSAT and got into nine law schools. She is slated to receive her degree from Villanova in 2015. 

 Negotiating Our World

 Angela Poh was the Valedictorian of the MMC class of 2011, and a major in PHIL/RS. After completing a Master’s degree in Asian Studies at Oxford University, she went on to work for the government of Singapore, as a Policy Officer for the Ministry of Defense. Angela helps to manage Singapore’s defense relations with other countries, including China—she’s right in the middle of contemporary geopolitics. 

The Further You Travel

 PHIL/RS major Ashley Feith ’13 pursued religious studies to learn about the diverse world we live in, and to find out what makes people tick. Her curiosity led her to study abroad in Greece. She captured her experience in a short video—and won a nation-wide prize. Check it out here

Fulfilling a Mission

 While she was studying religion at MMC, Hannah Wolfe interned at Odyssey Networks, an organization that uses electronic media to enhance interfaith understanding. After graduation, Hannah spent a year volunteering in South Africa with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to learn, to educate, and to immerse herself in a different form of life.