Marymount Manhattan

Department of History

Politics. Power. Protest. Progress.


Note: Because they are being reorganized into a new, combined major program, our departments of History, Political Science, and Sociology are currently NOT accepting majors.


However, our minor programs are still active.


Where better to study the historical forces that transform society than here, in New York City?

From ancient Rome and medieval Europe to modern America and China, we look at the political, economic, and cultural movements that have shaped world history and continue to impact today’s global community.

What You’ll Learn

History majors take three core courses in historical research and narrative interpretation, strengthening writing and analytical skills, while learning to discuss and debate theories and opinions from various perspectives.

Our electives allow you to explore different parts of the world or eras in more depth while investigating themes that remain relevant today, such as religion, race, gender, consumerism, and civil rights.

Beyond the classroom, our students intern at various organizations, from MSNBC to the New York Historical Society, and engage in their own independent research. 

your future

Our graduates excel as communicators, sensitive to others’ values and beliefs, and as experienced researchers, they thrive in graduate and professional schools.

Your faculty advisor will help you define your path after college, whether it includes graduate study or a career in education, law, communications, archiving, or public administration. 


  • Manolo Guzmán-Estavillo
    Get to know:

    Associate Professor of Sociology

  • Kent Worcester
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    Professor of Political Science 

    Professor of Political Science
  • Erin O’Connor
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    Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • Jessica Blatt
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    Assistant Professor of Political Science

  • Yu-Yin Cheng
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    Associate Professor of History and International Studies

    Chair, History Department

  • Rebecca Sperling
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    Associate Professor of Social Work/Sociology
    Coordinator of the Social Work Program

  • Andreas Hernandez
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    Assistant Professor of International Studies

  • Rosemary Nossiff
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    Chair, Department of Political Science

    Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Ghassan Shabaneh
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    Chair, International Studies Department

    Associate Professor of International Studies

  • Lauren Brown
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    Assistant Professor of History