Major Interdisciplinary Studies: Credits 42

General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 42 Credits
Elective Credits: 36 Credits


Upon completing 30 credits, a student who has maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply to the IDS major. The student begins this application process by meeting with the Program Coordinator to discuss areas of interest around which he/she might organize his/her program of study and to identify a possible faculty advisor.

Once this faculty advisor has been selected, the student works with him/her to identify two additional faculty members who will comprise the committee that will review and approve the student’s application, including his/her proposed topic and program of study. Once this committee has been composed, the student submits his/her application, which includes a written proposal explaining the topic that will guide his/her selection of courses and a preliminary program of study.

The committee reviews this application and may request revisions before approving it. Once approved, the student meets regularly with his/her academic advisor to review his/her progress. In the event that the student, in consultation with his/her faculty advisor, decides to make significant revisions to his/her program of study, the student submits a revised proposal to the faculty committee that approved his/her initial plan.


Required Courses (9)
IDS 399 Independent Study/Internship 3
IDS 499 Independent Study Capstone 3
Elective Courses (33)
In consultation with their Faculty Advisor, students complete the remaining 33 credits by selecting 11 courses from across the curriculum that connect to the student’s chosen topic.  
Total Credits 42

 No more than four of these courses can be from the same department. No more than three of these courses may be at the 100/200 levels.

NOTE: These courses may include Independent Study/Directed Study as deemed appropriate by the student and his/her faculty advisor.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure that students have met the prerequisites and are adequately prepared for 300- and 400-level courses in any given discipline, it is strongly recommended that they select 100- and 200-level Shared Curriculum courses and elective courses in disciplines they anticipate studying at the advanced level.

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