Marymount Manhattan

After MMC

International Studies students are prepared for a wide range of careers in government and international agencies, non-governmental organizations, transnational corporations, education and research, or journalism and publishing.

Graduate studies

A BA in International Studies serves as an excellent base for future graduate studies in the social sciences and humanities, as well as professional degree programs in law, planning, policy, development, and business.

Career Opportunities

A major in International Studies provides students with a knowledge and experience base to begin working in international policy and advocacy organizations, as well as in business, government and other settings with a global reach.

Strong analytic, writing and research emphasis also enables students to enter careers in journalism or international communications. Finally, students are well prepared for graduate study in International Affairs, International Economics, policy studies of all kinds and area studies of their interest.



Faces of MMC

  • Kiley Griffith

    Class of 2013, Major in Dance and International Studies

  • Bridget Gormley

    Class of 2013, Major in International Studies

  • Alvin Young

    Class of 2013, Major in History and International Studies

  • Joseph Liner

    Class of 2013, Major in International Studies

  • Sameera Uddin

    Class of 2014, Major in Political Science and Minor in International Studies

  • Katelyn Sives

    Class of 2013, Major in International Studies

  • Cathryn Adams

    Class of 2012, Major in International Studies

  • Raghib Allie-Brennan

    Class of 2013, Major in International Studies