Marymount Manhattan


The Natural Sciences faculty is dedicated to providing the best educational environment for our students.  All lecture and laboratory classes are taught by faculty, not teaching assistants.  With their superior teaching skills, the opportunities they offer to conduct original research, and their open-door policy to all MMC students, our professors have but one goal: to provide our students with a solid life-science education that will enable them to pursue fulfilling post-baccalaureate careers. 

While the Natural Science faculty devote themselves first and foremost to teaching, they are also active in their fields of research.  Each of our full-time faculty approaches biological problems at a different scale, spanning from the molecular to the ecosystem level.

  • Ann Aguanno

    Associate Professor of Biology

    Faculty Recruiter, Biology Program

    Director of Northeast Region, Undergraduate Affiliate Network

  • Judith Hanks

    Associate Professor of Biology
    Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences

  • Alessandra Leri

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Distinguished Chair

  • Benedetta Sampoli Benitez

    Chair, Division of the Sciences

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

Faces of MMC

  • Elizabeth Perez

    Class of 2006, Major in Biology

  • Kirtan Kaur

    Class of 2012, Major in Biology

  • Olympia Gaglioti

    Class of 2012, Major in Biology

  • Emerson Khost

    Class of 2013, Major in Biology

  • Ashley Pirovano

    Class of 2013, Major in Biology

  • Zach Barbati

    Class of 2010, Major in Biology

  • Devin Columbus

    Class of 2009, Major in Biology