Marymount Manhattan

Department of
Natural Sciences

Wehman Scholarship

Initiated in Fall 2013, the Wehman Scholarship is a merit-based competitive scholarship for freshman Biology majors. The Wehman Scholarship is a gift to Marymount Manhattan College in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Jacqueline (Byrne) Wehman, for students pursuing a degree in biology. The late Mrs. Wehman was a Marymount Manhattan College alumna, class of 1950. 

All applicants to the MMC Biology program will automatically be considered for a Wehman Scholarship.

Congratulations to our 2014-15 WEHMAN SCHOLARS:

Kristiina Lugus

Rosie Wenrich

Congratulations to our 2013-14 Wehman Scholars:

Taylor Allen

Ilsse Garcia

Patricia Miraflor

Gabriella Zarrelli

Faces of MMC

  • Zach Barbati

    Class of 2010, Major in Biology

  • Devin Columbus

    Class of 2009, Major in Biology

  • Kirtan Kaur

    Class of 2012, Major in Biology

  • Olympia Gaglioti

    Class of 2012, Major in Biology

  • Emerson Khost

    Class of 2013, Major in Biology

  • Elizabeth Perez

    Class of 2006, Major in Biology

  • Ashley Pirovano

    Class of 2013, Major in Biology