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Philosophy is at the core of the liberal arts, and a minor in this discipline will supplement your major by honing your critical thinking skills and inviting you to ponder the most profound questions that we as human beings face.

Minors in Philosophy will:

  • identify concerns at the heart of human experience, especially those pertaining to the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge, and values;
  • understand the way the greatest thinkers have addressed these concerns throughout human history;
  • and respond to these issues themselves, building on a firm foundation of formal reasoning, analytic method and critical intelligence.

The skills promoted by a minor in Philosophy, in concert with a major concentration, are essential to understanding the world around us. They are also universally applicable in our own lives and in our chosen professions. Overall, they serve as the necessary tools for becoming an informed and engaged citizen of the world.

Requirements for a minor in philosophy

Two courses as follows:  
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
OR PHIL 103 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 109 Introduction to Logic 3
Four Philosophy electives, three of which must be at the     
300 level or above
Credit Total 18