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Justice Studies Minor

Interested in criminal justice, legal studies, or social justice? You should consider our Justice Studies minor. 

The Justice Studies minor is designed for students interested in understanding the theoretical foundations, practical implementations, and resulting consequences of justice in contemporary Western society. This interdisciplinary program is a collaboration between Sociology, Political Science, and Philosophy faculty. 

The minor includes required coursework in Sociology, Political Science, and Philosophy, with additional electives across disciplines to introduce students to cultural, economic, philosophical, political, and social conceptualizations of justice and injustice with a core emphasis on analyzing often controversial issues through critical inquiry and social science investigation.

The minor is intended to stand alone. It includes the option of an elective course, Special Topics in Justice Studies, which permits faculty from across the College to contribute to the minor’s curriculum. For example, during the Spring 2013 semester, the Special Topics Course was taught as a unique combined course on “Theories of Justice” that brings students from our Manhattan campus up to the campus at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women through Marymount Manhattan’s Bedford Hills College Program.


The learning goals for the minor in Justice Studies are that upon completion of the required coursework, students will be able to identify and explain the common philosophical, economic, cultural, political and social conceptualizations of justice in Western society; analyze and critically evaluate arguments concerning justice; and articulate contemporary controversies concerning justice and injustice in Western society.

The minor has two required courses, with the remaining twelve credits selected from a wide variety of electives; it is intentionally flexible to also work for students who are not interested in law school, but rather want to focus on interdisciplinary perspectives on justice.  

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  • Sameera Uddin

    Class of 2014, Major in Political Science and Minor in International Studies

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    Class of 2011, Major in Political Science