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The College is no longer admitting students to the Major of Political Science. However, the department's minor programs are still active. Please see our Majors & Minors listing to view available programs.

Political science is the study of government, public policy, and politics.

It is concerned with the control, use, and abuse of authority and institutions, as well as cultural systems through which power is exercised. Political science uses humanistic and scientific approaches to understand the dynamics of political and social change in the United States and across the globe.


Upon completing the major in political science, students will be able to:

  • Critically reflect on and analyze contemporary political trends and developments.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, about political topics.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research on political topics.
  • Pursue graduate studies in political science, journalism, law and other professions; and enter careers that require a strong background in political studies.

The political science curriculum covers four main areas: comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and U.S. politics. Our introductory courses, at the 100-level, provide students with the foundations for more substantive investigations. Our intermediate courses, at the 200 and 300-levels, expose students to political ideas, institutions, and patterns in the United States and different world areas. Our 400-level courses are designed for juniors and seniors who are ready to pursue their own research projects.

Major Political Science:  40 Credits

General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 40 Credits
Elective Credits: 41 Credits

Requirements for a B.A. in political science

PS 105 Introduction to Politics   3
PS 106 Introduction to U.S. Politics  3
PS 262 Multiculturalism and Democracy  3
PS 231 Comparative Politics
OR PS 324 Law, Government and Politics in America                         
PS 310 Modern Political Thought  3
PS 340 Political Participation  3
PS/SOC/IS 371 Research Methods in Social Science  4
PS/IS 479 Senior Seminar  3
Political Science Electives  
 (5 courses, at least 3 at the 300/400 level) 15
 Total Credits  40

Faces of MMC

  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/1142-alex-kane"><img src="/live/image/gid/116/width/215/src_region/0,20,467,487/8869_alexglojo.jpg" alt="Alex Kane" title="Alex Kane" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “Marymount Manhattan College was wonderful in varied ways. Small class sizes enabled my close relationships with professors and allowed me to dig into political theory and history while connecting it to the issues I am most concerned with. Professors encouraged me to follow my passions, leading me to obtaining the Jeanette K. Watson Fellowship. And then, of course, there was the small matter of living in New York City. I was simultaneously part of a small, vibrant and engaged community at college while also being part of larger communities in New York. <strong>I loved every minute of it</strong>.”</p></div> <div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/1142-alex-kane">Alex Kane</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2011, Major in <a href="/departments/political-science/">Political Science</a></p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/1322-matt-corridoni"><img src="/live/image/gid/116/width/215/src_region/66,7,338,279/10089_matt_corridoni.jpg" alt="Matt Corridoni" title="Matt Corridoni" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “Going to Marymount meant that I was never “just a number.” Class size and relationships with my peers and professors allowed me to excel in ways that students attending other college’s and programs do not. Whether it was presenting at Honor’s Day, attending class at the Bedford Hills Campus, participating in mock trial at Yale, or leading a student government meeting, Marymount allowed for me to be an active member of the community and have a hands-on learning experience. Opportunities, diversity, and lasting relationships set Marymount apart from other college’s and university’s and unlock many doors to the future.”  </p></div> <div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/1322-matt-corridoni">Matt Corridoni</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2013, Major in Political Science</p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/1283-molly-ward"><img src="/live/image/gid/116/width/215/src_region/0,2,608,610/9667_mward.jpg" alt="Molly Ward" title="Molly Ward" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “I’m hyperaware of the advantages that MMC and the Political Science program gave me in pursuing political reporting as a career. My coursework provided the solid foundation in American politics that has helped me stand out in my positions. I was lucky to have professors who pushed me to do the best work possible in every venue from the classroom to the newsroom. I’m extremely grateful for the excellent experiences I had as a student at MMC and the way it has prepared me a great career.”</p></div> <div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/1283-molly-ward">Molly Ward</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2015, Major in <a href="/departments/political-science/">Political Science</a></p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/1243-sameera-uddin"><img src="/live/image/gid/116/width/215/src_region/287,464,687,864/9356_sameera_uddin_ir_pic.jpg" alt="Sameera Uddin" title="Sameera Uddin" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “What excited me most about the IS/PS program at MMC is the dedication of the professors and the students at the department. When I was a freshman at College, I believed that a problem our generation was facing was ‘lack of curiosity.’ The IS program opened my eyes into the world of research and how we can use research to ask questions about the world in which we live in. My current work is a testament to that. The IS program allowed me to incorporate my own culture and ethnic background in my studies and reimagined the ideal culture of an undergraduate experience. The professors who served as mentors prepared me for any kinds of career, I wanted to pursue. The skills and experiences I have gained as a student in this program, enables me to translate what I have learned and share with those that I have left behind.”</p></div> <div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/1243-sameera-uddin">Sameera Uddin</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2014, Major in <a href="/departments/political-science/" target="_blank">Political Science</a> and Minor in <a href="/departments/international-studies/minors/international-studies.php" target="_blank">International Studies</a></p></div>