Department of


Major Psychology: Credits 34
General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 34 Credits
Elective Credits: 44 Credits

requirements for a B.A. in Psychology

Required Courses:  Credits
A. Foundation Skills (take all of the following
PSYCH 101 General Psychology: Social and Clinical Processes
PSYCH 102 General Psychology: Physiological and Cognitive Processes
PSYCH 223 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences I 3
PSYCH 332 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences II 3
PSYCH 426 Experimental Psychology 4
B. Cognitive and Biological (take one of the following) 
PSYCH 232 Psychology of Learning 3
PSYCH 237 Motivation and Emotion 3
PSYCH 241 Perception 3
PSYCH 333 Behavioral Neuroscience 3
PSYCH 359 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSYCH 379 Animal Behavior 3
C. Applied and Experiential (take one of the following) 
PSYCH 243 Introduction to Health Psychology 3
PSYCH 250 Introduction to Forensic Psychology 3
PSYCH 285 Introduction to Counseling Techniques 3
PSYCH 313 Group Dynamics 3
PSYCH 316 Organizational Behavior 3
PSYCH 330 Tests and Measurements 3
PSYCH 369 Dynamics of Interviewing 3
PSYCH 399 Internship 3
D. Psychodynamic and Interpersonal (take one of the following) 
PSYCH 201 Developmental Psychology I: Child Psychology 3
PSYCH 231 Personality Psychology 3
PSYCH 235 Social Psychology 3
PSYCH 363 Abnormal Psychology 3
E. Capstone and Integrative (take one of the following) 
PSYCH 411 History and Systems 3
PSYCH 491 Senior Seminar 3
PSYCH 492 Senior Honors Thesis 3
PSYCH 499 Independent Study 3
Also two further Psychology electives 6
Total Credits 34

Faces of MMC

  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/828-michelle-london-"><img src="/live/image/gid/110/width/215/src_region/0,0,457,457/7422_meet_michelle___get2knowagriffin___youtube.rev.1453903061.jpg" alt="Michelle London " title="Michelle London " class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “I like the availability of the professors whenever you need their help. The size of the department also adds to the support system that the faculty already provides.”</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/828-michelle-london-">Michelle London </a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2013, Major in <a href="/departments/psychology/requirements.php">Psychology</a></p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/827-petra-stofkova-"><img src="/live/image/gid/110/width/215/src_region/283,195,520,433/7421_1069250_634078306611958_1419204671_n.rev.1453903061.jpg" alt="Petra Stofkova " title="Petra Stofkova " class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> The Psychology Department at MMC is not a regular college department; it becomes your home. The department provides you with support, enthusiasm, encouragement, and above all, the most amazing opportunities to grow and gain a deeper understanding of your passions, as well as yourself.</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/827-petra-stofkova-">Petra Stofkova </a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2013, Major in <a href="/departments/psychology/requirements.php">Psychology</a></p></div>