Marymount Manhattan

Social Work Minor

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The Social Work minor provides students with an overview of social work practice and an introduction to social work professional history, language, roles, values, theories, skills, and modalities.


Social Work at MMC (three courses and three guided electives) is based on systems theory and informed by a strengths perspective.  

Social workers aim to maximize the functioning of individuals, families, groups and communities and to be ethically and culturally astute. Students are encouraged to think about the multiplicity of factors that cause human behavior. They are trained to recognize and value people’s strengths and to view problems within the contexts of both interpersonal and social dynamics.

Students are expected to be self-reflective, to examine their own personal values, as well as to evaluate public policies. Additionally, they think about the circumstances and the settings in which social services are offered and learn to collaborate with other human service professionals. As a result, students come to value interdisciplinary work and to think critically about the varied roles assumed by social workers in their efforts to help people solve problems, satisfy needs, access resources, build strengths, and modify environments. Bottom line, students are trained to think critically about their communities so that they may act powerfully within them.

Social work classes complement many majors at MMC and coursework and internships help prepare students for graduate study in the profession.