Marymount Manhattan

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Minors / Concentrations

The department offers minors in Sociology, Social Work, and Justice Studies.


Studying people and culture can be a critical complement to almost all areas of study. Non-Sociology majors can minor with these requirements »

Social Work Minor

Social Work is a focused study of interactions between people and their physical and social environments linked to specific practice skills that are directed to improving the quality of those interactions. Learn more about the program »

Justice Studies Minor

The minor in Justice Studies is designed for students interested in understanding the theoretical foundations, practical implementations, and resulting consequences of justice in contemporary Western society. Learn more about the program »

Faces of MMC

  • Millie Clarkson

    Class of 2008

  • Pamela Kirsch

    Class of 2013, Major in Sociology

  • Ingrid Sotelo

    Class of 2012, Major in Political Science

  • G. Claire Mathieson

    Class of 2006

  • Kaitlin Nichols
  • Bakht Arif

    Class of 2013

  • Alex Epstein

    Class of 2012

  • Crystal Hall

    Class of 2012

  • Gemma Inguanta

    Class of 2013

  • Ragon Duffy

    Class of 1997