Marymount Manhattan

Department of Theatre Arts

Arts for Communities

The Arts for Communities minor prepares students of various backgrounds and disciplines to use creative tools to make a difference in a variety of communities and settings.

Students will study artistic and performative strategies, teaching methods, community building, and facilitation methods through course work, and will engage in an off-campus internship with an arts, educational, or community service organization in New York City.

Students who complete Arts for Communities minor will:

  • plan, create or perform original pieces of art, dance and theatre that explore social justice themes and issues relevant to particular communities.
  • demonstrate knowledge of performance techniques, methods and strategies (such as forum theatre, invisible theatre, street performance, story circles, ethnodrama) as they relate to community-based performance projects
  • demonstrate an understanding of theory and history of art, dance and theatre as they apply to positive social change (Brecht, Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed, ethnodrama, community-based performance, process drama) and are evidenced by plays, historical texts, and community archives
  • conduct a needs analysis to assess the appropriateness of potential New York City art, dance and theatre sites and community organizations for partnerships, programs and performances.

Requirements for a minor in art for communities

Minor Requirements  
SOC 204: Valuing Difference  
ART/DANC/THTR 328: The Arts & Social Change  
ART/DANC/THTR 366: Devising Performance Events
   OR THTR 370: Beyond Naturalism
ART/DANC/THTR 499: Internship  
One of the Following:  
EDUC 220: The Arts and Education  
THTR 243: Theatre in Education & Community  
ART/EDUC 246: Teaching Methods for the Visual Arts  
DANC 357: Techniques of Teaching Dance I  
Elective Requirements
Choose Three Courses from the Following List:
ART 125: Introduction to Drawing  
BUS 231: Leadership in the Social Sector  
COMM 104: Interpersonal Communication  
COMM 344: Advocacy and Social Movements  
DANC 105: Introduction to Dance for Non-Majors  
ENG/SOC 215: Social Issues in Literature  
PSYCH 285: Introduction to Counseling Techniques  
PSYCH 290: Departmental Seminar: Psychodrama  
PSYCH 313: Group Dynamics  
PSYCH 334: Death & Bereavement  
PSYCH 363: Abnormal Psychology  
PSYCH 393: Special Topics: Conflict Resolution  
PS 107: Introduction to Criminal Justice  
PS 324: Law, Government & Politics in America  
PS 340: Political Participation  
SOC 213: Women, Society & Culture  
SOC 304: Sociology of Culture  
SOC 306: Sociology of Art  
SOC 359: Sociology of Race  
SOC 384: Valuing Difference II: Knowledge & Action for Equity       
SPAN 360: Revolution & Literature  
SPCH 209: American Sign Language I  
SPCH 309: American Sign Language II  
THTR 101: Theatre Games and Improvisation  
THTR 103: Acting for Non-Major