Marymount Manhattan

Good writers are always in demand. At MMC, we focus on writing skills beginning with your first semester.


As part of our liberal arts foundation, we require every student to complete the Writing Seminar Sequence. Depending on your skill level and previous study, we’ll place you in either WRIT 101/102, a two-semester sequence, or WRIT 201, the Advanced Writing Seminar.

Students who come to MMC with insufficient writing skills begin with an introductory course, CAA 099 or CAA 097. 

Writing seminars cover a wide range of topics, from American cinema to the hero archetype, environmental sustainability to mythology and monsters.


Your writing seminars will give you the chance to design an original academic research project and identify primary and secondary sources.

You’ll learn to write a compelling thesis and a well-structured argumentative essay, and come to appreciate the value of outlining, revising, and accepting feedback. And you’ll find that the more you do it, the better you become.


After four years at MMC, you’ll be able to confidently devise and draft an argument, articulate your own ideas, and take your skills where they’re needed—pretty much everywhere. 

Student Writing Samples

  • Zoe Schott

    Class of 2017

  • Tracy Tauro

    Class of 2017

  • Kaitlyn Burke

    Class of 2017