Marymount Manhattan

Griffin Days


Meet your future friends, classmates, roommates, collaborators, colleagues, scene partners, lab partners, and business associates. In short, join the MMC community. 


It all starts with your first class. Meet with an advisor and review your schedule; map out your journey.


Kick off your college experience with a bang - learn what it’s like to go to a premier college in New York City.


First Year Students


Transfer Students

  • The College’s mascot, the Griffin, is a legendary creature with the head and wings of an eagle, the body of a lion, and occasionally the tail of a serpent. It is the heraldic symbol of agility and eternal vigilance.
  • Learn about life in New York City, get your class schedule or attend a transfer student workshop, tour the residence halls, and celebrate the beginning of your college career at Gary the Griffin’s summer luau. Scroll down to see what we have planned for you!
  • Griffin Days is not limited to students. There’s a slew of activities for parents, such as financial aid seminars, residence hall tours, and a look into the MMC student experience.

The schedule for Griffin Days 2015 will be posted soon. Check out last year’s schedule below!

Check-In and Welcome


You’ll first be welcomed by Marymount Manhattan College President Judson R. Shaver. Following a fun, theatrical event planned just for you, students and parents/guardians will be split up into groups and assigned a Griffin Guide.

Students will begin with an icebreaker; parents/guardians will attend their own specially-tailored sessions, designed to help them better understand their students’ academic experience and educational financing.

Light refreshments will be served.

Life in the Big Apple


With so much to do and see, life in the Big Apple can be both wonderful and awe-inspiring. Where does one even begin to explore? Join other new Marymount Manhattan students for the first of many adventures here in New York City.  While visiting the Marymount Manhattan campus, you’ll get a head start on the first of many personal connections and hidden gems!

Living On-Campus


What should I bring? How do I get from the residence hall to campus? What day do I move in?  Can we rearrange our room?  How do I get the best bed?

You’re probably asking yourself all these questions… and more. Not to worry. In our Griffin Days Housing session, we will answer all these questions… and more. You’ll get insider tips on making check-in a breeze, learn the important dates and logistics, and maybe even meet your potential roommates!


Living Off-Campus


Am I the only one commuting to campus? What’s the best (and fastest) way to get to MMC? Will I be able to make friends?


Whether you’re staying with your family or prefer to live alone in an off-campus apartment, commuter student life at MMC is a unique experience.  In this session, you’ll learn how other students have mastered the commute, and enjoyed it too.  You will also learn ways to create a network of friends, both on and off campus, and how to get involved on campus (even if your parents want you home for dinner).


First Year Student Registration


For first year students, this session will provide you with a broad understanding of first year curriculum requirements, as well as the opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with a faculty member or academic advisor, who will provide you with your fall semester class schedule.

This is an important first step towards becoming a Marymount Manhattan College student. By the end of the session, you will receive a copy of your approved schedule of courses for the fall semester, and  will be ready to begin your classes in September.


Transfer Student Workshop

During this session for transfer students, you will get a chance to meet with professional transfer academic advisors, transfer admissions counselors, and your fellow incoming Fall 2014 transfer students.  We will review your Fall course schedule and our MMC Degree Requirements, including Majors & Minors and the General Education Curriculum.  In addition, we will answer any admissions or transfer credit questions you may have. 

Gary’s Luau


By this time, you will have completed your Griffin Days session—now it’s time to have some fun. Join our mascot, Gary the Griffin; along with MMC students; alumni; faculty; and staff for an on-campus Hawaiian luau. This is a great opportunity to hang out with your future classmates, connect with or find a roommate, and make some friends before orientation even begins.

Our Commons and Lowerre Family Terrace will be converted into a tropical island. There will be food, games, prizes, and a DJ spinning music. No formal agenda, just a fun party on our rooftop!

Tour the Residence Halls

Where college memories are made—envision yourself in your new home away from home! Amenities include a fitness center, wireless internet, kitchenettes, an ATM in the lobby, and more. As you take the tour, think about how you will decorate your living space, where you'll study, and where you'll unwind.

MMC 101: What All Parents Should Know

At Marymount Manhattan, we know the college experience is often as daunting for you as it is for your incoming son or daughter. This session is designed to provide you with all you need to know about the structure of our first year academic requirements, and the associated course schedules that will be given to students when they visit us during Griffin Days. It is also an opportunity for us to partner with you to ensure the success of your student during the first year in college. An expert panel of faculty members and academic administrators will provide an overview of our curriculum, class scheduling, academic support resources, and answer all of your related questions.

Letting Go

Do you have questions about when to support your student—and when to stand back? How your student will adjust to college life in New York City? Have special needs met? Deal with roommates?

Marymount Manhattan's Student Affairs staff will answer these and other common questions, as well as share suggestions about making the most of college life for your son or daughter.

Education Financing: Today, and in the Future

Our Financial Counselors work closely with families to assist them in identifying resources that help make education at MMC affordable. This session will provide you with a one-on-one meeting to review education financing.

We will discuss successfully funding your student’s first year at MMC as well as plan for their graduation. You will receive and discuss your student’s billing statement and learn about the process, timelines, and deadlines. We will review financial aid, all charges, and payment options for financing any remaining balance.

Association of Parents & Friends Reception

Relax, unwind, and talk about Marymount Manhattan with other parents as well as some of MMC's outstanding faculty and staff. Share in the pride of having your son or daughter welcomed into the MMC community, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a summer day on a beautiful urban campus.