How will you spend your first year in New York City?

At MMC, you will enroll in one of 25 first year seminars, each focusing on a remarkable aspect of one of the world’s greatest cities. New York City is our campus, and our students engage with the city that never sleeps from day one.

“Marymount Manhattan College was the foundation through which I was able to piece together all my experiences and walk confidently towards my goals and passion.” 

Dominique Studer, Class of 2011

With your MMC degree, where will you go next?

MMC alumni have started their dream businesses, made scientific breakthroughs, and have taken Broadway by storm. Armed with a liberal arts degree, you can go anywhere.

“Upon entering my program at USC, I quickly realized just how prepared I was to take on the communication field at the graduate level.”

Chelsea Gentile, Class of 2013

Where can I


my dreams?