Marymount Manhattan

International Film Festival

The World Youth Alliance, an international organization that promotes the dignity of the human person, invites young directors from around the world to submit original short films that draw viewers into deeper contemplation of the human condition. Past films awarded by the World Youth Alliance have explored:

  • The triumph of the human spirit
  • The individual’s heroic use of freedom
  • The power of solidarity among people from diverse backgrounds
  • An authentic account of the human experience
  • A creative portrayal of human dignity
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A panel of film industry experts will judge all submissions and invite a select number of directors to be Manhattan International Film Festival finalists. The work of these finalists will be featured in New York City at the Manhattan International Film Festival, February 28 – March 2, 2014.

Film director finalists will receive:

  • A public screening and critique of their film
  • Invitations to social events gathering contacts in the film industry
  • Opportunities to dialogue about their work with other finalists and a general public audience
  • A chance to reflect on personal and professional aspirations as an artist in today’s society
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