On October 4, 2009, Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D., President of Marymount Manhattan College, announced that the College’s Black Box would be named in honor of Professor Emeritus J. William Bordeau, who passed away on July 25. The announcement was made following a memorial celebration that was presented in The Theresa Lang Theatre.

Professor Bordeau’s dedication, artistic vision and vibrant personality built a strong foundation for the success of Marymount Manhattan’s Theatre Arts and Dance programs. In his 30 years of teaching, Professor Bordeau was a much loved mentor and educator, who went to great lengths to nurture and challenge his students.

The Black Box, located on the lower level of the College’s Main Building, serves as a theatre classroom, rehearsal space, and a location for smaller theatre productions. Professor Bordeau worked with several generations of students in classes and rehearsal. 

Five former students of Professor Bordeau met with President Shaver to lead the effort in dedicating the Black Box to their former professor and mentor. Gina DeMayo ‘01, Barbara Hayward ‘72, Chris Stafford ‘99, April Sweeney ‘95, and Edward Van Saders ‘95 made a collective contribution to the Professor J. William Bordeau Scholarship, which prompted the naming of the Black Box. The scholarship was created in 1999, the same year Bordeau retired from teaching at the College.