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MMC Scientists Encourage High Schoolers to Launch Futures (and Angry Birds)

November 25, 2013
A group of New York State high school students recently attended the Division of Sciences’ Open House to learn about carbon dioxide’s effect on the earth’s atmosphere, perform mock speech clinics, analyze projective Psychological tests, and dissect a sheep brain – or in other words learn what it’s like to be an MMC science student.
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    A biology major breaking a banana frozen in liquid nitrogen!

With faculty from the Science Division’s departments – Natural Science, Mathematics, Psychology, and Communication Sciences and Disorders – undergraduates, prospective students and their families came together to approach and analyze scientific questions, to think critically and to problem solve.

Between the hands-on experiments in the chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories, analysis of cognitive and personality psychology test assessments, and the interactive, on-site experience using the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology equipment in the Ruth Smadbeck Communication and Learning Center, prospective MMC Science students were never at a loss for scientific inspiration. 

Freshmen biology majors were on hand to tell prospective students how exciting the first few months at MMC can be!Freshmen biology majors were on hand to tell prospective students how exciting the first few months at MMC can be!“Here at Marymount Manhattan, you will experience small classrooms, with professors who know your name,” said Dr. Benedetta Sampoli Benitez, Chair of the Division of the Sciences. “You will not have TA’s teaching classes. We, the faculty, we are your TA’s.”

Current students performed various scientific activities. One student demonstrated the effect of carbon dioxide on the earth’s atmosphere by asking participants to blow into a straw – changing the color of an alkaline liquid (pink) to that of an acidic liquid (clear); another helped prospective students dissect a sheep brain; a group of students performed mock speech clinic sessions and psychology tests were administered by the Psychology majors.

A group of physics students demonstrated the way to win at Angry Birds – with a makeshift cardboard target and carefully calculated measurements to determine the angle of the trajectory and velocity of the projectile. (Word has it, President Judson Shaver did quite well.)  President Shaver: Angry Birds expertPresident Shaver: Angry Birds expert

The Division of the Sciences’ Open House was a tremendous success – and Marymount Manhattan College is eager to enroll the Class of 2018!

“The open house was a wonderful recruiting event for new students, but just as importantly, it served as an outstanding retention tool by enabling our current students to mentor and work collaboratively with prospective students,” said Dr. Ann Aguanno, Associate Professor of Biology.

If you are interested in learning more about the Division of the Sciences (and some cool internships throughout New York City) call 212-774-0725.


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