Psychological Science in Russia: A Marymount Manhattan College Forum

March 24, 2014
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On March 19, 2014, many distinguished international psychologists in New York joined 20 students at Marymount Manhattan College, where Professor Henry Solomon hosted a public forum on “Psychology in Russia: New Trends.”

The nine speakers were all visiting the USA from Moscow: Elena Chebotareva, Elena Belovol, Anastasia Chebotareva, Ludmila Dmitrieva, Olga Kadilnikova, Asiyat  Murkazanova, Vladimir Shurupov, Valeria Tarkhova, and Tatiana Akhutina.
Elena Chebotareva described her team’s multicultural research program with students at her  Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, and invited U.S. colleagues to cooperate in cross-national comparisons. Tatiana Akhutina of Moscow State University, an alumna of the legendary Alexander Luria, described her pioneering neuropsychology laboratory at MSU. 

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