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Biology Alumni Spotlight: Emerson Khost

April 14, 2014
A testimonial from Daniel Emerson Khost, who earned his B.S. in Biology from MMC in 2013.
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    Emerson Khost '13

My name is Emerson, I am a 2013 graduate from the Biology department, and I am currently at the University of Rochester doing my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. When I was at Marymount, I worked in Dr. Aguanno’s lab for three years, during which time I designed experiments for the lab’s research project, assembled formal scientific posters presenting my data, and attended numerous professional meetings at the national level. It took me a long time to realize how unusual it was as an undergrad to have so much agency in my research, and it gave me a tremendous advantage in making the transition to grad school. In addition to the straight-forward benefit of learning valuable techniques, working on my projects also taught me how to think critically about data and the proper questions to ask when doing an experiment. I can definitely say that it was the main factor that drove me to pursue a career in science!

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