Announcing Changes to Academic Divisions

May 21, 2014
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    Pictured: The Faculty Center (which houses many of MMC’s academic divisions)
Thanks to the growth in student enrollment in the Communication Arts major – Marymount Manhattan’s largest major – the Communication Arts Department will become its own division, coming out of the Humanities Division. It will be called the Division of Communication and Media Arts. Professor Laura Tropp will be the divisional chair.

The current divisions of Humanities and Social Science will merge and become the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. This change sets up exciting opportunities for the continued development of new programs within the Communication and Media Arts division (including journalism and cross-divisional collaborations with Business and Theatre Arts), while creating an exciting space in which Humanities and Social Sciences faculty can enhance existing programs, and collaborate on new ones.

Given the intimate relationship between the politically informed work done in the Humanities and the kind of hermeneutic social criticism done by the members of the Social Sciences division, these changes also represent an opportunity to demonstrate MMC’s interdisciplinary character, and how it facilitates such creative synergies.

The three-year terms of Peter Naccarato (Humanities) and Manolo Guzman (Social Sciences) are drawing to a close, and Bradley Herling will be the chair of the new division.

The College thanks Professors Naccarato and Guzman for their leadership and guidance these last three years, congratulates the faculty in the new divisions on their new structure, and welcomes Professors Tropp and Herling as the newest division chairs.

These changes will go into effect July 1.

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