Marymount Manhattan

Department of
Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor

Manolo Guzmán-Estavillo

Associate Professor of Sociology

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With the assistance of a cherished group of students, esteemed colleagues, art teachers, and a camera Manolo has begun the arduous process of learning how to tell stories with the right side of his brain.  In close collaboration with those groups of which he is a member, he now wants to tell stories that matter and, unlike the words lost in journals and the like, stories that are paid attention to, for as Roland Barthes famously argued “when I speak for nothing it is as if I were dying.” 



Associate Professor of Sociology







Ph.D., Graduate Center, City University of New York
M.A., Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research
B.A., University of Detroit

Recent Work

Recent Publications:

Guzmán, M. (2011, June 2) De Ricky Martin a la Nación.  Claridad, Suplemento En Rojo, p.21

Guzmán, M. & Sperling, R. (2009) “Knock-Knock: ReVisioning Family and Home.” The Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services: issues in Practice, Policy & Research, 21, 115-133.

Guzmán, M. (2006). Gay Hegemony/Latino Homosexualities.  New York: Routledge

Recent Presentations/Productions:

Intersectionality,”  Guest lecture presented at Fordham University, New York City, April 2011.

“Who Knew? Corporations are People,” Organizer, A discussion of Citizens United vs. FEC with Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels and Former New York State Secretary of State Honorable Randy A. Daniels. Marymount Manhattan College, New York City, November 2009.

“Racial Homoeroticism,” paper presented at Psychoanalysis and Society, a one-day symposium. American Sociological Association, New York City, August 2007.

“Esto Está Pero Muy Queer,” paper presented at Behind the Rainbow: Queer Easter Symposium 2007, sponsored by the Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies. Mexico City, April 2007.