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Bradley Herling

Bradley Herling received his Ph.D. from Boston University with a specialization in Philosophy of Religion. Before Marymount Manhattan, he taught at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, Emerson College, and B.U., and his research interests include comparative philosophy of religion (especially the historical interchange between Germany and India); theory and method in the study of religion; religion, philosophy, and film; the problem of evil; and the challenge of religious extremism. Prof. Herling regularly teaches courses devoted to the religious traditions of Asia, philosophies of religion, and a variety of themes in the study of religion.

Prof. Herling discussing the Book of Job:



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Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Chair of the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences


Philosophy and Religious Studies





B.A., Wesleyan University
Ph.D., Boston University

Recent Work


Fall 2013 Classes

RS 120 Introduction to the Religions of Asia

RS 337 Buddhism

RS 346 Theory and Method in the Study of Religion